Zuri turns ONE!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Its TRUE! Its been a whole year. Filled with ups and downs but mostly ups with this little love chug running around all over the place. She is probably the funniest baby I've ever known and keeps she keeps me smiling all day long. A couple words to describe little miss zulu nation....determined, independent, but a mama's girl at the same time, smart (too smart too soon...not good for her mama and papa. we cant trick her anymore), and she makes her presence known wherever she goes. The past twelve months have been the most life changing months I think Bronson or myself will ever have. I feel like I've see more through my child's eyes than my own and it makes life so much more fulfilling. Although there are days where you swear if you have to change one more diaper or clean up after she feeds herself spaghetti, I shouldn't say feed, I mean paint herself with spaghetti one more time you just might lose it and start bawling harder than your baby does....you look down and see their smiling dirty face and fall in love again. The mess seems to disappear and you don't remember you haven't washed your hair or really gotten ready in the last 4 days cause its just fun being a mom. So thanks Zuri for giving me a fun year of learning and growing and loving you!

The big move

Ok, so Im sure all of you have heard of summer sales with APX alarms. You know, that security company taking over Provo? Yeah thats the one. Well my lovely husband of a year and 8 months has worked for them for the past two years in their indside offices and loves it! He's good at his job and could go to work every morning with a beanie banged way back on his head, scruff all over his face, and wild main of locks... just his style. But we were getting a little bored and ready for a change so Bronson decided to try out the door to door stuff with the rest of the crew. So after a teary haircut and renting out our house in Pleasant Grove we landed in Tampa, Florida, and this is where we have been since April.

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