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Friday, January 8, 2010

Believe it or not, but my darling little angel is now 18 months old. Yes, thats right.... just two days a go Zuri turned 1 and 1/2. As a mom I dont know whether to be excited or scared to death, but mostly I'm just really proud. She has turned out to be a lot of things that I wish I was more like in her short amount of time already. She so determined, smart, funny, not to mention beautiful (which she knows and uses to her advantage), understanding, sweet, and I could go on and on for days so I better just stop.

She can now say mama, dada, bampa (grandpa), mamaw (grandma), yes, no (her favorite so far, and her answer for whatever question you ask her good or bad), thewz (shoes) nigh night, baba, nana (banana), car, doggy, pee pee, poo poo (ok so one of mine and Bronson proudest moments is when she had a little accident in our house and instead of hiding it or not telling us she walked over to bronson, held out her hand for him to grab and said "poo poo dad". Sure enough Bronson fallows her to the spot she's taking him to and there it was. We couldnt even get grossed out or discipline her...we were so astonished with her! We like to think shes a young genius), Ror Ror (uncle Rory), Nanner (uncle Tanner), eat, more, yummy, and bubbles. Along with this she also has quite good taste in music. Some of her favorites to dance to are The Black eyed Peas, Shakira, any Kanye, Junior Boys, Metric. You get the going on fifteen, were in trouble aren't we? So, this is my ode to my amazing little mama, Zuri Estella. Enjoy a recap of the last year and a half of hers and our life together!


  1. Oh Wes if you're getting rid of fb i'm glad you have one of these, so I can still stare at you guys. Haha, you guys are so stinkin' cute.


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