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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

i absolutely, positively love

this show and this lady. Her name is Liz and I think shes gorgeous and funny and weird..uh oh I think I might have a crush on her.

Eye Candy

Saturday, February 20, 2010

I was scrumaging through my moms computer and came across a few photos from our vacation we took to Hawaii this last June. Take a looky lou...

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to my lovely Bronson! Brons turned 22 on Wednesday of this past week-yay! For some reason I hate the way people look at us when we tell them how young we are, and we have our 1 1/2 year old daughter tagging along beside us...they immediately assume we're irresponsible parents. I know I shouldnt care, but I'm human and I DO! So every year older either one of us get seems fine with me.

For the past 4 years we have been going to Happy Sumo for my honey bunny's birthday and this year was just the same. We enjoyed a ton of good friends and the yummiest food you can think of.. not to mention that the majority of sushi was half off because it was Wednesday-LUCKY. Another succesful birthday down...plenty more to come!

A week in the life....

Friday, February 12, 2010

My mom is in Cabo with her girlfriends for the week so I am playing mom to my 6 year old sister Haidyn...Zuri couldnt be happier. So this week I have:

-Pulled out Haidyn's front tooth!

-Had to watch the superbowl and wore all black as if i were in mourning. It depresses me even remembering it.

-Heard Zuri say her first full sentence: "NO! I dont want to!" it sounded more like "nooo! ayyyy don wann du!"...we were getting into the car and I guess she had other plans for the day.

-Got to see my best friend Ashley so much more than usual...oh, i just luff her.

-Figured out that my sister Haidyn is insanely good at tricking me about catching the bus in the morning.....the first three days of school this week I would send her out the door and within 5 minutes she would be back saying she missed the bus. We would lounge around for an hour, make good breakfast, then I would drive her to school. The fourth day when she walked back into the house saying the bus left I was shocked...there was no possible way. I was sending her out on time everyday. So i threw both Haidyn and Zu into the car pulled out of the garage drove a one second down the road then saw the bus pull up to her stop. I found out she didnt like waiting in the cold and if the bus wasnt there the minute she was then she would come home and tell me it left her. Little genius.

-Made valentines for Haidyns whole first grade class

-Had a girls lunch with my Christensen side of the family at Chili's...ate until I wanted to barf as usual. But I love all those ladies.

-Started reading the Book of Mormon....randomly I might add. I was scared from watching a scary show and wanted to take my mind off it so just reached for the closest book. It happened to be the good ol' BoM. We'll see how it goes... wish me luck! I think I can, I think I can, I think I can...

-Watched my friend Alema almost burn my parents house down by putting fish sticks in the microwave for 8 whole minutes. There were flames and smoke amongst the blackened, charred little fish sticks, and the plate they were on was so hot it cracked right down the middle. The house still smells miserable. ohhhh Alema....8 minutes? really?

-Got to see my wonderful friend asian Alex and meet his new lady love, Amber. I have a special place in my heart for him and I was so happy to see what a cool girl he found to share all his adventures with. Good job on the Mrs., my friend.

-And last, but not least, we FINALLY booked all our flights for our cruise in Europe this May. Venice to Greece to Turkey to Monte Carlo to Istanbul to Barcelona....woo hoo!

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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

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Word Vomit

Monday, February 1, 2010

Some days I rammble. A lot. I guess today is one of those days. Bronson is like this too and I think its one of the reasons I still have a crush on him. No matter how tired and exhausted my body is, my mind will never shut off when Im ready to go to bed. I really really LOVE faux shoot me. I dont care if theyre tacky. Im paranoid of everything to do with my daughter. I feel like I deal with things like a boy rather than a girl sometimes. Im a typical Libra through and through: this means I would rather be beat with a club than be in any sort of confrontation, completely fall apart if my life is un-balanced, Im really loyal to people I consider important, I love to hear anyones opinion on any topic...but I'll most likely never take your advice and do things the hard way to learn for myself, I love falling in love, I over analyze too much, I keep my distance when it comes to letting people in....Im really picky, but once youre in-youre in for life. Oh! and im really really good at making up song. Im also pretty good with balancing on stuff. When I was little I was one of the girls that always just wanted to be mom for career day. Insurance commercials make me do old people walking together. I will never, NEVER be a morning person. Everyday I make a list of things to get done that day, and rarely do all the things get done. I think this is due to my extremely spontaneous nature...this isnt good by the way-its probably one of my greatest faults. Im pretty good at pegging people right off the bat- I know your intentions the first time I meet you. hahah oh and IM insanely good at guessing for much money it was to fill up the gas tank, Ill always only be a few cents off, or the numbher of knobs there are in the entire kitchen... I say the first number that comes into mind and its usually right....I honestly scare myself sometimes with that one. I really really really really love lists. Im pyscho about money and saving. My husbands hates this about me but I think he should love it, right? I thought that that quality was in most guys dream girl? Not brons ha ha. When I was 15 I discovered the Postal Service and the Sounds. For some reason or another this was somewhat monumental in my life. Both of their first albumbs are my favorite of all time and always will be. In 6th grade I was valedictorian. I moved in 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th grade. Moved in 9th, then transferred high schools, then moved in 12th grade too. So 8 schools all together between Utah to Colorado, to utah then back to Colorado, then finally back to utah. jeez...that was annoying typing let alone living it. Im a sucker for acts of kindness or love. I love when people remember little details about non important things. Im a curious person and always have to live and experience things on my own....I feel like I can never get enough information and realized I loved learning...only I found this out after I graduated school-dang it. So, all in all, maybe you learned a little about me, or maybe I just did this for myself. Word vomit just feels good.

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