I've been hacked!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

....and Im ok with it.

Mr. man of mine, you're the greatest.
thank you for the pretty picture you made.
and for letting me find this surprise.

and, i can tell you i was sincerely surprised.
i love surprises.
but i love you more.

Dear Zuri,

We took you to the park last week...
you loved looking around at all the big kids there.
We took you down the slide,
and gave you lots of kisses,
and had an all around wonderful day outside. Were sick of
the cold and ready for the sun.
I daydream constantly of all the fun were going to have this summer. Just you and me, guurl.
Your favorite part was swinging with Dada.
You are so brave lately..dad was pushing you as high as the big kids and you were never afraid. Me, on the other hand, well I was terrified. You're still just my little lovechug....but I guess its time to start letting you grow up, huh?
Zuzu lady, lets be best friends forever ok? You , me, and dada are the 3 amigos.
Don' you forget it!

I miss this boy.

He's off being busy in the Mojave desert right now. Good thing he gets home TOMORROW!

You know how you kind of get excited to be alone for a little bit...and just watch 17 episodes of LOST really late at night back to back without anyone telling you enough is enough?

Well it turns out...thats not as much fun as it sounds.

I miss you MR. man of mine. Zuri does too. So get out of that desert and into our arms safe and sound.

love you,
love me

p.s. can you believe how tiny zuzu lady was?! i forget how little a 5 lbs baby is. sheesh!

Ouch Charlie....were sick...again

Sunday, March 14, 2010

It started out with this girl.
How can this little tiny 22 pound ball of lovechug throw up more than her body weight in vomit? This is what Ive been asking myself for a couple days. I didn't figure it out until.......
...everyone you see here started simultaneously vomiting in the middle of night. I mean everyone. I mean we were lucky enough to have as many toilets as people in our house. It was horrible. Terrible. My worst nightmare....since my whole family was hugging a toilet no one could take care of our little zuzu lady. So, my wonderful in-laws came to the rescue and picked her up. YEA! Until..............

The vomiting hit them like a ton of bricks. NO WAY! I felt so bad! They were trying to help us out and then they get totally sick too.. poor guys. poor everyone. This seriously knocked us out. I have the up most respect for 24 hour flu now and will not be taking it lightly. Flu shots for everyone next year....

On the bright side...Ive been meaning to get addicted to LOST and just need a good case of the FLU BUG to get my addiction ball rolling. Im half way through the 2nd season already and I am loving every minute. The only bad part is I keep thinking I see Walt in dark corners of my house. Creepy.

Im feeling good

Thursday, March 11, 2010

I am feeling good.
Mentally, physically, spiritually...just really good.
So, enjoy my little family singing.

Also...Zuri really likes knowing that she is her own
person these days. She walks around saying "I'm Zuzu" all day long.
its really cute, so I couldn't deprive you of seeing it too.

i think i am dying

Monday, March 8, 2010

...of HUNGER!
Today is has been the first day of the notorious "master cleanse"...you know, the lemons and real maple syrup with cayenne pepper? ya, that's the one. i hate it. i love it. i cant make up my mind...I'm too hungry.

I keep reminding myself that this is good for my body and hopefully it will flush out all the toxins and sicknesses i keep getting. i swear...one morning i wake up with croup (which i thought only babies could get?) and the next morning i wake up with a sinus infection and the next morning i wake up with..eww i wont go any further for your sake. But you get the picture. My poor body needs this.

My saving grace has been my mom. she's decided to join me this digestional rebirth as were now calling it. Every time i have had an outburst of starvation and started yelling " screw it! I'm eating vegetables! They're just damn vegetables! I'm eating!" she was right there persuading me not to throw out my whole days worth of work. so thanks mom....for giving me this body and for helping me "clean house" today too. you're the absolute best.

Personal note: You have now realized your own personal hell is a life without food. So, me...Weslie, when you start eating again (on Wednesday..ugh) appreciate the food you get to eat and make it healthy food. k? k.

bye bye bob

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

This is Zuri.
This is Bob.
We gave Bob to Zuri for Christmas this year.
Zuri loved touching Bob....
....So Bob died and we had to have a toilet funeral.

Uh-ohh. Zuri still talks about Bob everytime someone goes pee-pee in the potty and says "uh-ohhhhhh bub diiiiiiiies" (uh-oh, Bob died). Its a good thing Bob has a sister named Marley who is blue and lives in Haidyn's room upstairs. Its a tragedy but we're all handling the loss surprisingly well. R.I.P Bob the fish

sick little ladies

we are, we are.... this what we have all looked like over the past 4 days. Sleepless nights and not so fun days are the worst when you are 1 1/2... ZuZu mama received a breathing treatment and steriod shot from the doctors and still she's not doing so well. But even as sick as she is she still looks cute as a button.
Poor Haidyn Cherie... The theme for how we feel is "YUCK"
Croup, please go away so we can breathe like normal humans again and play in the good weather.
poor little girls...this breaks my heart
On a positive note...it's been wonderful not wearing a bra, or brushing my hair, or changing my clothes in 4 days....laundry has gone down loads this week :)

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