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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

So here it goes...

i meet bronson to go all the way up to Murray to pick up an absolute STEAL of a mattress i found on KSL...seriously. Like $145 for a "brand new, still wrapped in plastic" posturepedic king.

he takes work off early so we can switch cars, we then soon find out we leave bronsons wallet back at the house. and of course i dont have mine..cause why would i?

So, we borrow my father in laws credit car.

We then get a call from our wonderful mortgage guy saying he got all of our documents in place to re-finance our house and everything is ready to go..EXCEPT...he cant go any farther in the process because of an unpaid speeding ticket we got over 9 months ago....WHAT!? totally bummed out.

during the rest of the 50 minute ride up to Murray zuri is screaming because we dont have enough gum/treats to satisfy her needs. then, we get not one, but TWO cancellation text from the techs at bronsons work...

this all adds up to not-too-happy-husband.

We finally arrive at the sketchy mattress wearehouse.

walk in.

see the mattress...

...and throw up in our mouths.

it looks like a CSI murder mattress.

then bronson proceeded to say some things like..."we drove all the way up here for this piece of $%&#?", and..."zuri, get off that! You'll catch a disease!" and finally after the salesman offers the next upgrade(like $400 more) brons blows up and storms out of the scary warehouse. leaving me and zuzu lady to deal with the sales guy. ummmm...embarrassing, right?

After some ranting and raving in the parking lot we all get back into the truck where we realize brons got a 3rd and final cancellation for the day.

with all that's happened in the last 4 hours i am taking a NyQuil and praying the Jazz win so i can have a happy husband again.

ewww, day, go away already. But, i guess it could get a lot worse right? I'm glad non of these are actually me.

oh no. i found something I need.

Monday, April 26, 2010

And I do mean need. Not want.

I have to have this little guy...He would be the perfect addition to our family. And I cant help but picture Zuri walking around with this little munchkin brother on her shoulder.

Dear finger monkey, you are so cute. How much are you?

oooooo lala

Friday, April 23, 2010

I actually salivate while looking at pictures like these.
Please enjoy some of my dream house photos.

"You can shit in one hand and wish in the other, then see which one fills up first"
Quoted directly from my dear aunt Vanda (who was 77 mind you). This was one of the many one-liners she threw around. She's famous for them...this particular one seems to be my favorite and most memorable.
And, hey. Its pretty good advice if you think about it.

Aunt Vanda

Monday, April 19, 2010

This is my Great aunt Vanda Lee Starr. Isn't she gorgeous?
She passed away this last Tuesday and it was a very sad day for the Markham family. She has had Parkinsons for awhile now so it wasn't a surprise but its still different without her around. She was such a cool lady. I loved everything about her, and our whole family will miss her sweet personality around. We made our way up to Ontario, Oregon where her and her husband have lived on their farm for the last 50+ years to be with our family and go to her funeral.

Brons couldnt get off work because he's taking so many days off for our trip next month, Rory just moved to Chicago, and my dad is stuck in Europe right now because of the volcano ash cloud....crazy huh? He was supposed to be on a plane back yesterday morning and now wont even start his journey back to the US til saturday. Theres no place to stay over there....no cars to rent....and the French Rail system went on strike so he is seriously stuck right now. He was so close to Vanda so I know he is pretty bummed out right now. We're all missing him a lot.

Soooo, we piled into the car and started our all girls road trip to Idaho and Oregon. I was REALLY nervous about driving 8 hours with Zuri, but she did pretty dang good.....minus the fact that she didnt sleep once.
This is us about 5 hours in.
...and then this started....

I think I hate car rides more than my 22 month old daughter.....I was going crazy as you can see, But we finally made it and absolutely love seeing my wonderful Nanny and Papa and auntie Brandi. They're so good with all us grandkids....I still feel like a little kid everytime we go there and I loooove it. Its fun getting back to your roots every once in awhile.

If you want to see what's up with this.....

Friday, April 16, 2010

Then you'll have to go go to my other blog.... www.wesliewillmakeyoubeautiful.blogspot.com

Look what I made!

This cute little bedside lamp came from.......
.....this....not-so-cute beside lamp.
I found these emerald/ gold beauties on KSL and saw some potential. So, for $7 each, plus a $2.75 can of spray paint, and returned lamp shades from DownEast for another $5...I'd say I got them for a steal. They'll look wonderful in our newly decorated home...whenever we get in there that is.

And on a totally different topic.....I'm mourning today. My brother left to Chicago for the next 4 months to work and I can't help but feel terribly sad about it.

Who wouldn't miss this face?
Ever sense we decided to move into my parents basement last year I was mostly excited about getting to live with Rory again. He's just cool. I like hanging out with him and its as simple as that. We get each other when no one else does.

But knowing my mom like I do, there will be a Chicago trip in the works quite shortly...so hopefully I get to see that face before the next 4 months are over.

holy mother of all things FANTASTIC!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I have discovered HULU.


Why has it taken me so long?

If you know anyone....

Monday, April 12, 2010

Who is looking to rent this summer please send them our way!

We have been renting out our cute condo for about 9 months now to the most wonderful couple on Earth... but, sadly, they are ready to move into their new home. Sooooo, were on the hunt to find some great new renters!

We're looking to find someone who is willing to pay around $1,300 a month and sign a 6 month contract..then go month-to-month after after that.

It has:
3 bedrooms
2 baths
walk-in closets
highspeed internet
direct TV
18ft vaulted ceilings
2 flat screens
king sized pillow top bed
2 car underground garage
Did I mention its completely furnished? Well, it is.

It also has awesome club house ammenities like; outdoor swimming pool, hot tub, basketball/raquet ball court, poker table, movie theater, indoor gym, and you can rent out the entire club house for parties. Cool, right? Its located 2 minutes off the PG/Lindon exit in Pleasant Grove. Call me or Bronson if you or anyone you know is interested....801.367.2335

attention to ALL:

Saturday, April 10, 2010

It is this lovely ladies birthday in just a few hours...and if you dont know who this is, then I feel sorry for you. Because she is the nicest, smartest, most beautiful, funny, compassionate, loyal, selfless, creative, wonderful woman I know.

Oh, and shes my MOM!

I know I'm one lucky girl to have a mom like mine. I absolutely love and adore everything about her and I pray all the time that Zuri will love me like I love my mom one day.

She's pretty much my best friend and the first person I call about anything good, bad, or ugly. I can depend on her for anything in life and so can anyone else that comes in contact with her. She's pretty much a universal mom to everyone. She knows how to comfort people and always is completely level headed, understanding, and full of the best advice.

When I gave birth to Zuri and finally got to go home from the hospital my house was spotless with new comfy pillows on our bed, washed baby clothes, and a fridge packed full of yummy groceries. Not only did she do all this for me, but she slept on the floor of the nursery and would get up with the baby so I could get a good nights rest. She would bring the baby in only when she was sure Zuri was ready to eat. My mom did this for five whole nights....FIVE. Its just kind of woman she is I guess. So, you can understand that when she had to finally leave my house I was a total wreck....balling my eyes out. Im not kidding. She only lives 7 minutes away. Stupid, right? ...I know, I know.
I just love her being around though.

Soooooo...HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! Thanks for being such an awesome mom and giving me a really good example to follow. I appreciate all you do for me and my little family and all the time and effort you put in to making our whole families life wonderful. You put joy in everything in our lives.....and yes, I know its your name and you always thought it was weird, but I think Joy is your name for reason. You make everyone around you happy and my life is what it is because you are my mom. Ohhhhh....and not to mention you're a total babe. See....

I love you, Mamasita! Happy Birthday!

My girls gone 3D

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I took this little gem to a movie yesterday.

I really actually enjoyed it. I thought it was a pretty dang cute movie.

But the movie did not even come close to how entertaining Zuri was watching it. First of all she got to wear these....

HAHA! I didnt know they made baby sized 3D glasses.

Secondly, she loved the scary dragons which i was not expecting at all. There were some terrifying dragons lemme tell you.
The dragons would RAWR and she would RAWRRRRR right back to them....Im sure no one around us appreciated this. But I didnt care. I let her rawr away.

And lastly. She sat through the whole movie! She is so amazing I can hardly contain it. I love her. Shes the best little lady in the whole world! and how did we get lucky enough to get her out of all those little souls up there? I simply dont know.

Dear Moms of babies who are still babies....just you wait till they get 20-21 months. prime age. my absolute favorite! Im working on inventing a shot that freezes babies/puppies so they wont grow up any bigger. Ill let you all know when I become a famous millionaire scientist.


Have I mentioned how much I love this little girl yet? Well, I really really love her.

this is

Thursday, April 1, 2010

currently my little families favorite song. we sing it in the car mostly. i love it, so maybe you will too.

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