Saturday, May 22, 2010

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were in Istanbul and its the first time we've had internet the entire trip.....ill upload some when i can.

Kusadasi, Turkey

Day at sea…

We had our first day at seal…I needed it. After traveling 36 hours straight and sleeping bits and pieces throughout the traveling and days in Venice, the easy going days in the Mediterranean Sea felt like heaven.

So far ive read 2 books, got to go to the beautiful workout facility, laid by the pool, watched movies and had my first of many 5 course meals. Our waiters name is Romeo and he’s from the Philippines…he always tells us what we want for dessert…. Even when we say, :I think ill try the cheesecake tonight…he’ll say something like, “no, tonight you feel like the soufflĂ©.” And without another word he’ll walk away and bring us what he feels like we should eat. Haha its great…

We also are the youngest people on the ship by a good 26 years. We’ve actually had people come up to us and ask how on earth the 4 of us got here. I don’t mind the age gap by the way…we’ve met some really cool friends from Canada..Andy, Mark, Helen and Neil…they’re about 50 years old and the coolest friends I could have hoped for…they have children older than us but none of us care. We’ve also made friends with two girls from seattle…I think Corey and Sam were crushin on them at first cause they are the only ones even semi near close range to our age bracket. But after hanging out for a night I think its well known they’re just friends.

Oh and have you heard of Stacy S. form English Idol? I hadn’t but anyways She came in 3rd on the latest English Idol (American Idol in London) …well she’s here as a passenger on the cruise too…. We met her in the hot tub and just started chatting away….she said she was bummed because she couldn’t stay the whole trip and when we asked why she had to leave early the whole story about her almost winning the show came out. She has a single in the works out and a record soon to follow. Cool, eh?

So far this trip has exceeded all my expectations and is exactly what the doctor has prescribed… leaving Zuri was more awful than I thought….I couldn’t stop crying and once I would get calmed down the thought of her would shoot tears to my eyes and I would start all over. I felt like ditching the trip all together. After we left the house I felt like I needed a blessing to cope with the separation anxiety and luckily Corey offered to give me one….I'm sooo thankful for it because I can honestly say that it really helped…ive been able to completely enjoy myself even though I miss her like crazy. I know I wouldn’t be even a fraction of as calm and relaxed as I am if it wasn’t for that blessing. To say im grateful for friends and family around me with the priesthood is an understatement. It’s more of a necessity and I feel safe and secure while im away from my baby girl. It’s a good feeling.


We went to kusadasi Turkey this morning and saw the Ephesus ruins. Unreal. Everything there was from before Christ’s time on earth. The word ancient doesn’t even do it justice. Here are lots of pictures, so… you can see for yourself. And oh yes….the men here are gross and call you honey as they reach out to touch you. They also try to trade camels for women and sell you water in expensive perfume bottles. Jerks.

venice, italy

I am in love with Venice, Italy.

We arrived here four days ago…our first night we came into the city on a water taxi. It was exactly how you probably imagine Venice to be.

No cars

Water canals

Gondola rowers wearing only blue or red-stripped shirts

Amazing ancient architecture


Narrow Ally ways

The best Italian food ever

No two buildings alike

And, did I mention accordion players?

Its more amazing than I thought it would be.

We stayed in a hotel the night we arrived….We had to navigate our way through the city by asking local store employees that spoke English where to go. After walking in a million different tiny ally ways we finally came across our hotel office

To our surprise, the hotel clerk started heading us back outside into the allies after we checked in. We went about a block away when the hotel clerk unlocked 3 doors before we got to our “hotel room” that was actually just a random room in a sketchy building in the middle of the city. It was AWESOME. Although, Bronson, Sam, Corey and myself all thought about how easy it would be to stab someone in the eerily quiet and secluded allies. Kind of creepy to say the least.

After we dropped off our stuff and discovered our beday, we wanted to get some genuine Italian grub…This is when we realized Italians completely and utterly hate Americans.

When we came across a place that wreaked of the best Italian pizza on earth we sat down….our waiter was a wonderful nice old man…..until we opened our mouths and he found out we were American. He then turned on us…..for example….Sam asked him if we could get some bread to go with our fresh mozzarella and tomatoes…. He looked at us like we ran over his family dog…. Serious scary stink eye….He was so pissed off.

We’ve had many experiences like this over the last 4 days…

One in particular was when I tried on this apron…the street vendor came around the corner and started yelling every Italian swearword imaginable at us…seriously yelling….we could hear him even when we walked a good 50 feet away… Ranting and raving and throwing his arms up in the air. It was soo funny.

The next morning we got to our ship and realized we were in Venice one day longer than we thought we would be because of all the controversy in Athens, Greece (our next stop on the cruise). We were so sad not to stop in Athens but on the positive side, it gave us an extra day in Venice and made us fall even more in love with Italy.

The ship is also wonderful if you wondering… loving every moment and I can’t believe there is actually more amazing sites to see! I’ll keep you posted!

im a mess

Thursday, May 13, 2010

for real.

Were leaving in about 29 hours to Italy, Greece, Turkey, and finally Spain.
Euro-Trip...check! One more down my bucket list.
Exciting, right?! It really is to say the least....but, the not-so-exciting part is leaving our little munchkin behind for 16 days.
ah, booo hooo. you should know that after that last sentence i started bawling and took a 5 minutes break from blogging. im a wreck.
I've been crying on and off for the last day and half and I can't imagine what it will be like tomorrow when we have to put Zuri down for bed. It will be the last time i see that little face for much much too long.
Im absolutely sure she will be totally fine and love all the spoiling she'll get from the gramdmas. But I have to tell you....the morbid thoughts keep sneaking into my brain. I HATE THEM! I feel completely psychotic and probably should be admitting into some sort of mental health home. Is this normal?
Welcome to motherhood, I guess. Panic attacks and intense paranoia.
It will all be worth it in the end! Bon Voyage!

Can I please tell you how much I love Mothers Day?

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Well, I really do loveee Mother's Day.

And, I take complete advantage of it. I've learned not to pick up a dirty dish, not to think about turning on a stove, and I definitely don't go near diapers.

Mothers day is more like a role reversal day. You know....the men feel obligated to do all the dirty work women usually do, and I think this is why I enjoy it so much. For example....

....I guess today was the first day in Bronson's whole life he was asked to prepare corn for dinner. He came into the family room twice asking questions about how to properly cook frozen corn in the microwave. baahaha. it makes me laugh even remembering it.

If you were wondering...the frozen corn in a bowl turned out pretty good. Thanks for stepping it up, boo. You made Mothers Day wonderful for me.
...and a note for my mini-me...

Dear Zuri,
thanks for making me a mom.
You've made all my most special goals in life come true.
you're the greatest little nugget a mom could dream for, and
You make me the happiest lady around.
i love you.

oh. and we went to chuck-e-cheese for the first time this week. you loved it all except the scary band members on the stage.
-love, mom

Notice your worried eyes scoping out the huge puppets behind us in the picture below...
I get it, though. They kind of freak me out too.

blog worthy crushing

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I am seriously crushing on Emile Hirsch. Seriously.
I first noticed him in DOGTOWN when he played Jay Adams...for a long time I thought I just had a crush on Jay...I realized I was wrong when...
...I saw INTO THE WILD and fell head over heels in celebrity crush land love with Mr. Hirsch.

So, last night I started watching TAKING WOODSTOCK...I didn't know he was in it...So, when his cute little face popped up I felt giddy like a dumb school-girl. I was sincerely embarrassed that I like him so much. So much so...that I thought it was blog worthy.

And if you were wondering about how Bronson feels about this... He's totally fine with it. He would be because he reminds me often of his celebrity love. She's this little lady down here...
Real original, right?

And don't count out our little lovechug.
Whenever she sees this guy from THE FRESH BEAT BAND she gets completely twitterpated.
Meet Twist. He loves music and has some cool friends too.
If you ask me, I think ZuZu has pretty good taste for a not-even-two-year-old. He puts it down beat boxing, and is an excellent dancer.

HaHa...I love her. But you already knew that.


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I sure hope the neighbors like full moons.

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