I'm cheap,

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

and impatient..and i guess a little spontaneous, too. so, without really thinking, i tried to bleach my own hair two days ago.

it was a disaster.

you could say my roots looked like this guys down here.
i almost cried, but then decided to laugh because i looked so ridiculous. and then i found these photos and didn't feel so bad.

I got it fixed the next day by my dear friend, Kami, at salon K and i will never, NEVER do anything so dumb again in my life. Promise me you wont either? learn by my mistakes and don't turn into Carrot Top involuntarily.

You need to know a little something about me...

Thursday, July 15, 2010

soooo, I don't answer my phone.

I don't even carry my phone on my body, actually.

Please don't take it personally when you call or send 7 text to me and get no reply until 3 days later.

Its me, not you. Really.

My reasonings for this are:
*phones are annoying
*i hardly have big enough pockets to carry a phone
*i lose phones
*i dont carry a purse unless i have to
*I'd rather spend my time paying attention to the people im actually sitting in the room with. Not sucked into my phone screen checking e mails, or texting people for pointless conversations. I like to live in the moment and i feel phones take that away from people. You lose yourself in cyborg text land and shut everyone and everything around you out.
*but mostly.....
I want my daughter to remember me as a mom who watched her dance around and be silly, who got on the floor with her to play, and even paint her nails once in awhile. even if its not important things she doing...she knows i think its the most important thing at that moment, not a text message.

So, there you have it.

Maybe you should put your phone down and walk out of the room for a day....go to the gas station, maybe a park, go wherever you like going with the people you love without the constant connection to all the nonsense of the outside world. then see how you feel.

its kind of like taking off a really uncomfortable bra and going au natural...freeing to say the very least. I bet you'll love it.

My night last night went a little something like this....

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Its 1:00 am...for some reason or another I'm not tired at all.

I've watched every DVR'ed show we've got by this time and am getting anxious about not feeling tired so I give in and take an OTC sleepy time pill that makes me feel awful and groggy the morning after I take it, but its necessary at this point.

Its now around 2:30am... I'm lying in bed next to my sleeping husband and I'm finally feeling those warm fuzzy sleepy time feelings. My eyes are heavy and I have one of those micro naps..you know the ones where you're awake but kind of asleep and have a mini dream real quick? Well I don't remember what the dream was about but I do remember hearing a weird rustling noise.

I ignore it...I try to get back into my relaxed half dream world again. About 10 more minutes have passed and Im asleep...Something wakes me up though. A weird scratchy rustling noise again.

I'm mad now. And not to mention wide awake.

I start thinking to myself..what on earth is that? it kind of sounds like a...Oh no....OH NO..its a...nahhh its not....YES! its a RAT! it has to be a rat!

I sit directly up in bed, my eyes fly open, and I fine tune my hearing. Another noise....but closer. With squeaking this time.

oh shit! it IS a rat! ohmygosh...i think its in the room. please dont be in the room, please!

At this point I'm beyond tired and turn a bit psycho.

What if its in the closet? Zuri sleeps in the closet! Remember that girl on DR. 90210 who had to get reconstructive surgery because a RAT nawed off her face in the night? ah! oh no! remember those little girls who just died because of rat poison in their house...i swear i heard something about rat dumpings being toxic too. oh shit. shit shit shit... what do i do?

Im up and out of bed. Ive now talked myself into believing that somehow or another this rat will either end up killing or severely disfigure or damage my beautiful sleeping daughter in the closet.

Im in this kitchen now..Im tearing apart everything...looking for who knows what. I just wanted to be destructive I guess. And this.....
what I woke up to this morning. haha.

I find a flash light and heavy rolling pin and go down stairs.

I walk into our room shining the brightest lcd flashlight ever made by man and of course bronson wakes up...

bronson: what are doing?
me: theres a rat is in our room. its gonna get zuri.
bronson: uhh, what?
me: cant you hear it!!!!!!?
bronson: go to bed, wes.
me: nope.

I slowly open the closet door and shine the light..I see zuri. So far there are no visible bite marks...no nawed off nose. whew, what a relief. I check under her portacrib and see nothing. check everywhere....and i cant find the damn rat.

Hours have passed I havent heard anything for awhile and Zuri hasnt screamed out loud in pain.... so I guess Im good to fall asleep?

Its 4am, I finally close my eyes. And zuri wakes up crying for her sippy cup. Crap.

Bronson goes up stairs to get her a baba, I pull her into our bed and i secretly do a limb check on her...everythings good...intact..healthy...shes not wheazing, no bites. Wonderful!

Brons comes back saying something like he cant believe i tore up the house, and he's mad..but im so looney tunes at this point I cant understand him. I close my eyes and immediately fall asleep holding my munchkin.
What a night.

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