Dear Iced not-fat Mocha,

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I genuinely hate you.
But I'm so addicted.....I can't function without you.
I know this is an un-healthy relationship and we need to breakup,
But I just cant stand the thought.
Every time I try, I get headaches and grumpy and then the second I give in to your cold, chocolaty, caffeine goodness... its instant relief.
I think this is bad. Real bad.


Your prisoner

LA Ladies...and husband.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The little miss in her new house!

This is our shoe closet/book shelf/make-shift bedroom wall.

Out side our building.
Another view...
Our Bed "room." Behind the curtain on the left is where we hide Zuri's big-girl bed. And the wooden tall storage on the right is our closet.

The whole house pretty much...I love the 3 huge windows.

Kitchen and front door.
living room

This beauty is a whopping 600 square walls, no doors, no storage, no privacy, nooo problem. I cant believe how much I am falling in love with our place. Although everything is in one huge room, it has worked out. I dont know if its that I enjoyed the challenge of putting this place together like a gigantic puzzle, or if it just feels good to get rid of "extras" and only have what you absolutely need around you. For example...right now we have 5 cups total. Thats all. One for me, one for Brons, one little one for Zu, and two extras just in case. And its PERFECT! less dishes....less clutter...... less nonsense. On top of minimizing our belongings I have had to become the organization queen while living here. I've gotten pretty clever about storage and places to keep little odds and ends and putting things away the minute I (or anyone else) is done with them. The house seriously gets crazy even if one person leaves an item out because if you think about it...its like have your kitchen in your bedroom...kind of different. But all in all, I really am falling in love with LA more and more each day. We love people watching all the nutcases outside our window...we love the openess of our house, I LOVE that we have a gym and a pool on the roof... and think this is Zuris favorite part too....or maybe hers is the elevator. Yup, hers is definitely the elevator.

Bronson is interning with Charlie Lapson who is a handbag designer out here. So far its awesome and he gets to do what he loves all day long. If he was getting paid for couldnt be more perfect! In time he will though. Yesterday they were filming a reality show Charlie has out in Japan, and Charlie asked Brons to do some behind the scenes filming to make an edit with. He hung out and filmed with Carolyn Hennesy who is an actress on Cougar Town which I thought was pretty cool...everyone else just sees it as another days work but think its a huge deal!

Oh by the far weve seen ali and roberto from the bacheolrette in santa monica and i saw Kirsten Storms from that disney channel old movie "Zenon girl of the 21st century' and days of our lives in target yesterday. Anyways, its always fun and i'll definitely be better at keeping you all posted on the craziness that is our life!

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