Dear Mr. Claus

Monday, November 29, 2010

All I want for Christmas is the Shark Vac then Steam. I drool over this. Honestly, why hasnt this been invented sooner? OK, and in a perfect world, maybe a spa package or two...
Oh! and some Rachel Ray pots and pans...

And, while I'm on a roll, the package set of Your Baby Can Read!....thats all! I swear!

You have to drop a hint or two, or three, or four to the hubs, right? Well heres mine loud and clear honey bunny.

And something you should be asking for this wonderful time of year?
These magnificent, wonderful, fabulously oh-so-comfy Zella work out pants found in Nordstroms. I live in mine....seriously.
Its an issue.
-dont fade
-dont lose their shape
-are reversable
-have a really cool hidden pocket
-hold you in in alllll the right places
-and, are fabulous to work out in-then throw a cute long shirt and boots on so you can go shopping without looking like a polygafrump (thanks to TAMN from seriously, so blessed! for my new favorite word).

have you ever..

gone to bed knowing that the very next morning and every day after that your life will be nothing like it used to be?
so weird.

holy must read

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Seriously, So Blessed! at
I'm dying!
litterally, I'm 50% mortified and 50% amused....I hate this lady but love her for giving me this free entertainment.
Im confused about it to be honest.
I kind of dont think its real
But you can decide for yourself!

oooooooooo kay.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Meet Bri.
We Adore her and her husband Jared....They also have a cute little puppy named Tank who is one of Zuris best friends out here.....Well WAS one of her little very best friends. After 2 months of blissfully eating dinner with them....spray tanning them....TV watching with them...Yorgurtland devouring with them....they picked up and moved to Utah. =( Booooo Hooooo. The Christensen family is seriously depressed about this. They taught us the ins and outs of city livin', so I thought a memorial blog for the Johnsons was appropriate.
you are missed!
Also, I think its necessary to finally write of list of all the funny stuff Zuri says these days.
Brons and I are so used to it that we think its normal for a little tiny baby girl to yell "POPPYCOCK!" when she doesnt get her way, but the people in the elevator or in the check out lines beg to differ.
Among words like "poppycock" she also likes to say:
"fine, Fine, FINE!" when we ask he to do something for us.
"I HATE DAMNIT!" yep, you read it right. We heard her say the big d word one day (thanks brons....ok maybe I have a little something to do with it too)and we had to have a talk about bad words and how they're naughty, and how we hate bad words. After the little chit-chat she belted out "ya, I hate Damnit!" We were laughing so hard that she now thinks its funny. But, really......soooo not funny.
The first thing she says when she wakes up in the morning is "ooooo
I miss ed youd mom!" Melts my little heart.
By the way..its now 11:53 am and she is still asleep in her bed. Today the sleeping in is a little excessive, but usually by 10:30 or 11 I have to yank her out of bed.
Speaking of little devil...she just woke up...Now that I know I want to write all these little words and phrases down I'll keep a better note of them so I can, of course, share with you.

and just for fun..rory and brons. 2005..

Sunday, November 14, 2010

dug this out of the archives....

zuri meets mickey

welcome to the world little chug.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

How freakin adorable is Mr. Copelin Dallas Christensen (aka MY NEPHEW!)?
I wanna eat him up! Look at his hair! haha and his cute little scowl...aweee I cant wait to see him in person.

Kylie had him today somewhere around 5 pm and both mama and baby are happy and healthy!

We can't wait to get to Utah and play with with our lil nephew and cousin as soon as we can! And since I am already planning on being his favorite auntie in the better get used to hearing about him.

We love you new mama Kylie and papa Dallas and darling baby Cope

Little update

My blog got a face lift! Dont you just love it?
I was telling bronson how much I wanted to do something new with it and VOILA...he popped this sucker out.
There are some major benefits of having a husband in design....One being I hardly have to be crafty or creative at all. Scrapbooking...definitely not my thing.

But, on to other things.... I havent been blogging much lately mostly because I dont have a computer during the day, and secondly, because I feel like it took me a minute to get used to the lay of the land out here in the City of Angels. To be honest, I have no idea why they call it that. It stinks like human and pet pee everywhere, and the closet thing I've seen to any angels out here was on Halloween-partially dressed angels, duh.
But minus the peepee stink and having to carry pepper spray wherever I go, I think I'm really starting to like it out here. Really. I kinda love it.

Our ward is awesome. Its in Korea Town and it looks like a huge white Muslim/Catholic cathedral if there even were such a thing. There are a ton of cool couples out here in our similar situation so its really nice. ohhhh and we have a calling! dun dun dun! Ward Web Page Keepers. Best calling ever.

And Zu has been adjusting just fine. She created little imaginary guys that we take all over with shes not lonely of course. For the longest time I asked her who they were and she would say "little guys" or "my friends" then one day that scrubbing bubbles bath tub cleaner commercial came on the TV and she said "hey! theres my friends!" I laughed forever and ever about it. We went swimming yesterday and got sunburned in the 93 degree weather which is mind boggling to me, a native of Denver CO and Highland UT. I keep waking up thinking that today is the day it will get cold and snowy....and so far it keeps not happening. We're not complaining, though.

Bronson is still interning with Charlie Lapson full time and keeping busy designing his line and being his normal creative self. We have become beyond obsessed with Dexter, and more recently, Weeds on netflix. If you don't have it....get it. It will be the best $9 per month you'll ever spend. Ever.

And me, I am going to start blogging more. Keeps me semi sane.
Thats all, kids!

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