I must be back in LA.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

because as we're lying in bed right now we hear things on the street below.
husband: "was that a duck?"
me: "no."
husband: "i swear it sounded just like a duck."
me: "it was a black lady bum."
husband: "oh."

I miss all my family dearly, but it sure is good to be back!

Man oh man.... where to start?

So, I'm in Utah!
We planned on coming out here for Christmas forever ago and have been soooo excited...counting down the days even. Then, three days before we are scheduled to leave we decide to go to Santa Monica and hang out. There, Bronson walks into his favorite store and ends up landing a job. WOOO HOOO! I couldnt be more happy for him.

But...and this is a big but.....the job needed him now or never. Meaning no vacation. No skiing. No Christmas. No husband.

And now I can say I fully understand the meaning of the phrase bittersweet.

So, Im out in Utah having a blast..but missing him like crazy-and even more sad that he's missing all this. Then Mr. Matt Clayton send me these photos and I get teary eyed. For real. Teary eyed.

Matt is a genius photographer and Bronson should quit everything he's got going on and go into male modeling or something. Right?

All I know is that I keep bursting into tears randomly.... Out of happiness/sadness... I think I just miss him bad.

...or maybe its cause I crashed my in laws car into a gargantuan pothole two days ago and popped their tire, bent their rim, and some sort of fluid was leaking out of their engine. I don't think Ive ever felt so bad. seriously.

Of course, theyre just happy were ok and are being wonderful as always-but I still cant help but cringe over it.

phewww.... Im looking forward to the day when my blogs consist of things I made for dinner and Zuris art or something. Im tired of having to blog about yucky days like the Verizon Store poopoo incident, and stressful job Changes, ect.

Until then, enjoy reading about the craziness that we currently call our life!


Sunday, December 12, 2010

I'm involuntarily becoming granola. HEY! I can't help it!

After doing research on vitamins and minerals online a few months back-and then actually buying and consuming them regularly, I noticed a huge difference in how I feel, sleep, eat, and behave. I feel happier even. So, this launched me into doing even more reasearching and I came across this film called FoodMatters. Its all about nutrition and how Doctors are prescribing pills in place of proper nutrition because they simply were not taught nutrition.

Some interesting things I learned in this film:
-when any food is cooked past a certain temperature, its proven that your body actually attacks it like an invader in your body. Even if it is a healthy food.
- 2 handfuls of cashews a day is equivalent to the prescription Prozac.
-Niacin (vit. B-3) is linked to helping addicts cope with their addictive habits and even pull people out of depression.
-there is practically no such thing as intaking too many vitamins/minerals-contrary to the popular belief that it is bad for you to take a lot of vitamins and minerals.

So, of course I'm on this natural kick and feeling better than I've felt in long time and I come across this...

Another documentary about the meds the majority of women are put on during childbirth and the negative snowball affect they create.

I've always leaned towards natural things-ever since I was a teenager...and even when I was pregnant with Zuri I would teter with the thought of a more natural birth, but when it came down to it I was so scared of the unknown and the pain (plus stresses of working full time and buying a house 3 weeks before) that I just didnt really want to worry about it. But after having her and knowing what contractions feel like-and now being more educated on the process I kind of feel confident with going the natural route. And natural meaning no inducing, definitely no pitocin-Im not saying no epidural yet..we'll cross that bridge when were there...(pshhh im not even pregnant and not even thinking of getting pregnant anytime soon, but its nice to plan)...but I see the benefits of not having one.
And Im thinking a midwife assisted birth would be cool since it is their actual profession to assist birthing women compared to an OBGYN who is a trained surgeon punching in a time clock. In the film they actually point out that most C-sections in the US are at 4pm and 10pm....right when shifts are about to end in hospitals. I found this pretty telling. They want you in and out and dont want to miss dinner.

Anyways, both these are really interesting and informative films to watch if you're ever bored!

An ode to the Mr. Christensen.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Awe...i love us.

So this past week and half has been particularly rough on our mental state. Brons found out that funding for his job that would have started in January with the designer he's interning for has fell through. Plus, our godsend of a tenant renting out our PG condo gave us his 30 days notice to move out because of a job change the very next day.

AND THEN! the worst of all this for me happened on the third day of gut wrenching, life altering, stress inducing bad news. A freaking flat tire.

I had a total meltdown. You see, Bronson had arranged a new job within 10 minutes of hearing the bad news about the position falling through with Charlie. Seriously...10 minutes. I have a super husband. And the meeting with them was on Friday morning. Friday morning rolls around and bronson hikes the 50 miles(ok its really a block away..but theres a big hill you have to climb-its hard) to our parking garage to find a nail in our tire. He's missing his interview.

He calls me to tell me the news and I feel like my life is over.. I start crying into blanket for the next hour while he on the other hand is totally calm, cool, and collected. He lets me know he'll "just skate to place that sells that fix-a-flat stuff and figure it out".

So, to make a long story short..well, shorter, he skates from 7th street to 27 street into ghetto south central LA and back, fills the tire, finds a place to get a new tire (or fix it---I dont know what happened to be honest), and then drives to his interview.

During all this he never had a glimmer of a freak out. Not even "what do i do now" moment. Not even a bad mood when he got home--he didnt even complain at all. It totally amazes me how he just takes care of things the moment they arise and always maintains his good and optimistic attitude.

He's such a good man and I love seeing him transform into an even better one with every month we've been married. We've had our fair shares of ups and downs, and high highs along with the lowest of lows. Im just so glad we stuck those moments out and learned how to be married together and how to be parents together. Looking back I know that all the struggles we faced were to get us to this spot today and I'm so happy I have him to lean on.

Oh, and he got the job. =)

Uh-oh zuzu

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

sheesh....this falls only two days after the sharpie-marker-mustache incident she had. she told me her huge black mustache was beautiful makeup.... then I told her permanent makeup is not aloud and threw that nasty black sharpie away.

and today we were sitting on the couch together in silence -completely enthralled in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azakaban when she asks;
zuri-mom, how do you feel?
me-fabulous. how do you feel.
zuri-ohh soooo so faahhhvulous.
me-thats great.
zuri-yup, really great. watch the show, mom.

and a few days ago she was wanting me to hurry up and make her a fort out of blankets and chairs...i guess i was moving a little slowly because she yelled- "C'MON GANG!.....therezes a mystery to solf!" after she crawled in her fort and closed the doors I heard her talking to Shaggy, Scooby, Fred, and mostly Velma for good 30 minutes. she never mentions Daphne..?

Oh little miss zu zu lady....how boring our life would be without you. Please stop growing up this instance. I mean it!

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