holy freakin moly.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Top 7 reasons why I fell off the the face of the blogging world for the last 3 weeks:

1) Mama's been sick.

2) We've had visitors:
-Landon, Bronson's Brother
-Kami and Shane, our dating lovebird friends
-Auntie Jerri and her new husband, Marc +a whole lot of children +Luze who is their Colombian nanny/my new best friend.
-And finally, Grandma Tammy and Grandpa Kyle who have spoiled us absolutely rotten for 4 days straight.
-see....lots and lots of visitors.

3) Auntie Jerri and Marc decided to invite us on their family honeymoon to Disney Land, then to Sea World, then back to Disney Land! They, too, spoiled us completely rotten and I feel like I must have done something good at some point in my life to have gotten such amazing treatment. Im seriously liking new uncle Marc...three days straight of complete fairytale magic and family lovin.... It really couldn't have been more fun.

4) We got rid of our nightmare dog, formally known as Puppyface Baloo Bear. Senor Puppykins turned into a vicious shoe chewing, toy ruining, barking nonstop, peeing everywhere dog disaster. Enough said. So we found a lovely little lady and 9 year old girl who were happy to take him off our hands. And if you're wondering about Zuri....well, she didn't even shed a tear. She was just as sick of him as the rest of us. Trust me.

5)It was Bronson's birthday on the 17th!....happy birthday, my love! I love love love love you...and I suck for not giving you you're own massive birthday love post.

6)Oh and two boys moved in with us...

7)ohhh and I'm moving to Utah tomorrow.

thats all!

hahah....yes, My whole entire life has turned upside down in just less than 2 1/2 weeks. And this, my friends, is an understatement.

We made the decision that I would go back to good old Utah to work a bit, make some extra cash, and hang out with humans here and there.....and maybe even get a car, when I started to (almost) watch 2:30 soap operas. And when Zuri started showing signs of this new phobia of leaving the house/ not wanting to interact with people, I new it was time for a change. Since were tied to our lease with no options of leaving, we knew Brons would stay here to keep working at Gstar and figure out all his business "stuff" thats going on, while I have some family time and options to work back home while not putting Zu Princess in daycare. (ps.....i need a job. Lemme know if you know of any!)

Right about the time this decision was made...our good friends Cody and Jef announced they were moving out here and looking for a place to live. Wellllllll, how absolutely perfect would it be if they moved into our house and split rent!? Too perfect. Its meant to be. Really, it is.

So the last 2 weeks have been the craziest and funnest 2 weeks ever. Jef and Cody have been rays of sunshine in my day to day life, and I don't think they'll ever fully understand how much I loved living with them. Like I said earlier...I've been feeling yucky forever so they do my dishes, entertain ZuZu Lady, get us food, watch American Idol with me, make me laugh all the time, and I just all around love them. So, I guess this is my big public THANK YOU!

On a depressing note, leaving my husband is the suckiest of all that sucks. I want to force him to come with....I really do. And I know he'd rather be with us, too...But so much is happening here that we have to stick it out and just see what happens. I cant explain what makes this crazy decision feel right, but it just does. I think it will pay off in the end-and I'm praying that it will. So, in the mean time were planning a lot of skype dates and keeping our eyes peeled for great flights.

Is my life a roller coaster or what? If I weren't me I would totally read this blog just to see what happens next haha. I'm anxiously awaiting the answers myself.....

My Sweet Wilbert Cat

Friday, February 11, 2011

Zuri has decided to be a cat named Wilbert
Wilbert is fluffy like Baloo, and white....and a boy. She has told me this.

When she's not Wilbert the fluffy white kitty cat then she is BuzzBo the bumble bee and likes to sting me with her butt all the time. I HAVE to yell "ouch!" reallllly loud every time I get stung.

Then there is Rufus the mean dragon.
Who blows fire on Puppy when the puppy is being bad.
and drinks lots of water cause having fire in your mouth is so SPICY, duh.
I can thank Dragon Hunters on Netflix for this current obsession.

And finally,

Shes Strawberry Shortcake who loves watering things with a tiny teapot watering can.
I cant shorten her name to Strawberry.... because then I get,
"MOM! my name ez straberry short CAKE! don't say strawberry!"

okay miss feisty bum.....

Wilbert is the nicest and easiest to put to sleep so I like him the best. When I want her to do something that she usually puts up a fight with, like brushing hair...or teeth, then I call Mr. Wilbert and ask him to be my nice kitty cat. And viola!.....brushing teeth turns into fun.

Strawberry Shortcake is the worst and I cringe when I feel her coming on.
Shes high-maintenance and always needs water in her tiny watering can and fake berries and plants to pick.....I'd rather be stung by BuzzBo than deal with princess Strawberry Shortcake.

The make believe stage is in full effect, people.

* and I forgot, I am supposed to blog about Jerry Sloan leaving the Jazz. When Bronson found out he said, "you have to blog about Jerry Sloan!" He's heartbroken I think.
weird......I know. But he's never, not ever, asked me to blog about anything. Never even really mentions my blog. So brons, this if for you.

Sloan left the JAZZ! what!?

Zu @ The Park

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Umm, Just call me Michelle from the Bachelor.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Because I woke up with a black eye.

But I, unlike Michelle, at least now how mine came about.

I was watching a Netflix doc late at night like always (called, The Horse Boy... totally loved it. Its about an autistic boy and his journey in Mongolia to try to be healed. Try it out.) but anyways, I was laying down flat with the laptop propped up on my bent legs. Mr. Baloo Baby Puppykins Furball Cub-Face was munching on my hair way up on my pillow and he was starting to bug, bad. So, I swatted him away and while doing so, I tipped my legs forward which made the laptop lose its balance and come crashing down right on my cheekbone/eye socket.

I literally cried. It hurt sooooo bad. I tried to wake Bronson up but he was as good as dead. So I cursed at the damn dog and just held my eye.

I hoped I would have a black eye in the morning just for proof (and to justify my crying fit), so I was pleasantly surprised to wake up to a decent shiner. I feel pretty tough walking around the streets of LA with black eye....lemme tell ya.

what the...?

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Today Zuri and I decided to go up to the pool.
We haven't been up lately because....well, I don't really know why we haven't. I've been in a mental funk lately. Or maybe its cause I have this huge black eye and don't want to explain how that a laptop fell on my face, and know that the person I am explaining it to is thinking about my mostly likely mean/abusive husband haha.

So anyways, were up at the pool and this girl close to my age is there again. I see her pretty often, and most of the time she is either reading or is listening to music so we smile at each other, but have never spoken. This day I see that she is reading this book called Come Back ....an AMAZING book that I recommend to anyone wanting an interesting read. So I say to her,

"Oh! How are you liking that book?"

She replies that she loves it and we talk about where shes at in it, etc.
The conversation kind of quiets down after a minute so she starts reading again and I'm dealing with ZuMonster, when she out of nowhere puts her book down and says,
"You're so nice!"

She said it like she was completely shocked/amazed.
So I kind of laugh and say,
"Well, thanks! I like to think I'm pretty nice. My husband might not agree with you everyday on that subject, though."

And she replies by laughing and saying....
"And funny too!....I dont know why I was ever intimidated!"

I kind of didnt know what to say after she says this so I just said something like,
"intimidated of ME?! what the heck? Im just a normal, boring mom."
haha. good one, huh?

And then we both laughed a polite laugh then carried on with what we were doing.

On the elevator ride back down to our studio I was kind of flabbergasted.
Why would this girl be completely shocked that I could be nice?
What is wrong with my face!?!?
Why on Earth do I look mean and unapproachable, and intimidating?!
Do I give off this horrible scary vibe?!

And then it hits me that I think I kind of do...
I think I give off this unapproachable vibe in person, but not on purpose at all.
It's more that I am shy. Or maybe I really do have a death glare I honestly dont know about.

But really, I'm completely shy and somewhat reserved, and I hate attention on myself.
For real, I literally turn beat red when I know that a group of people are looking at me.

This shyness has plagued me since Elementary...Maybe its due to the fact that I went to 6 different Elementary schools, 1 Junior High, and 3 different High Schools...? I just hated all that unwated attention of being the new girl so many different times, I got this, like, phobia of it. It has kept me from doing things I really wanted to do in the past too..... like talent shows or trying out for dance, or whatever.
I think this is why I like blogging so much, because all the focus is on what I'm saying without me having to stand up in front of people to say it....? Does that make sense?

Thankfully, this shyness disease has gotten 1000 times better since I've gotten older and became a Mom. I feel more comfortable in my own skin than I ever have before, but after today I realized its a part of me...it will always be apart of me, and I have to work extra hard to keep that wall down and be more approachable.

So this is my resolution to be more outgoing, open, and friendly with people....And to finally conquer my phobia of attention on my self. And also, allow myself to get closer to people with out the fear of them being ripped away..... to really put energy into making friends again that our my own...and I dont mean Bronsons friends that become my friends, cause I have a thousand of those (that I love, love, LOVE and am so happy to call my own friends). BUT...I need lady friends.

I think I have had enough time now to figure out how to balance being a mama, wife, landlord daughter/daughter in law, and keep a semi decent house all at once, and can now handle some me time without feeling selfish or worried. Really, I'm ready for it.

Plus, I should just get over it, right? Being shy is stupid.

you have to watch this!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

I don't know why it has taken me so long to link this video...wait, JK, I do know why. Its probably because I just figured out how to link things like yesterday.

But here it is! Finally!

And a million more thanks to the guy who made it...Mr. Michael Paul, you're the best.

Some happy times in the last few days

We got to eat food! HIGHLIGHT of my LIFE! After 5 days on the Cleanse (and seriously not one bit of cheating) we were hanging out in Venice with our friends and had forgot our drinks. You feel great and energized as long as you have Lemon and syrup +cayenne in you like every hour....well we missed a few hours and were starved! Plus, having friends there with us planning on going to Chipotle was too much, and we said enough was enough. 5 days of a digestional re-birth was great...but, so was that veggie Burrito Bowl.

Then Papa Billy (my dad) was in town for a night and had time to stop by and spend the night! This photo was usually how things were while he was here. Zu was glue to his side and wanted "cuddle" all night long. Im realizing more and more how sick of us she really is.

I was cleaning up when I found this crown on the statue we brought back from Rome last May and laughed my booty off. Everything and everyone is a Princess to little miss ZuLadies eyes. And finding surprises around the house like this from my munchkin makes life oh-so-enjoyable.

We topped the week of with Zuri getting to play at a fun park and we got hang out with Sam and Corey. Pretty dang fun

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