all the many reasons I dont feel like blogging. but I will anyways

Friday, April 1, 2011

-I left my camera back in Zombie Land. The city also known as LA. And who likes to read blogs without pictures?
I politely stole this term (zombie land) from Cody, Bronson's now roommate, because nothing could fit the place any better. And the more and more time I spend back home makes me question how I lasted so long out there in the first place. You can say I have come to a definite decision that city living, although fun to try out, is not for me......ever. again. (maybe I shouldn't generalize this to all cities though? But zombie land Los Angeles is really not for me.)

-I'm still sick. Yes I am 13, almost 14 weeks along and this sickness spell really should be over by now. But its not. It may not be as bad as previous weeks have been for me this time around, but since when is throwing up only 2 times a day vs. 9 times per day ever good? Vomit is vomit and any amount of it at all just sucks. I'm sorry, but I will not consider myself well until I can brush my teeth without heavily dry heaving.

-Miss ZuZu lady and my mom got the flu at the same time. Then I got it the day they got better. Saddest thing ever. Zuri layed in bed for 3 days straight like a dead fish. She wouldn't even sit up to throw up...which meant mounds and mounds of laundry, and so many sheet changes that I'm still afraid to put a new set on either of our beds because I'm anticipating another attack. oh! And while laying flat on her back, my tiny 26 pound ball of lovechug managed to projectile vomit directly into my open laptop approximately 2 feet away from her. The laptop died almost instantly, I'm sure of it. I'm glad it was a quick death and the Dell didn't suffer much at all probably. I, on the other hand, am suffering greatly from the loss.

-I'm sorry all I talk about is throw up. But its consuming every aspect of my life currently.

-I've been studying like a mad woman to take my Instructors test for the state of Utah, and happily passed! hooray! Now I'm switching gears and getting all my lesson plans in order and stuffing my brain full information so I, hopefully, am useful to all of my upcoming new students. My mom and sister, and me and zu are leaving for a girls getaway to Cancun next week and the day after we get back I start my first class as a teacher. I'm prettttty dang excited. About both, duh!

-I haven't seen Mr. Christensen in going on 5 weeks now. Miss Lady and I are flying out Monday to spend 3 days with him though! Finally! But its been pretty tough without him. It makes me feel like I have nothing to share about with people when I don't have him around for some reason. booo. Although, having family and friends again is the best thing ever! Nothing replaces him, but I have to say I have the best type of distraction. I've missed day to day, non-baby, human interaction for 6+ months living away from everyone, so I'm soaking up all the people time I can get. Also, it helps that there are incidents like this one day last week I came home from work to find my room clean and laundry done by my mom. what!? SO AMAZING! Shes seen first hand how awful I've been feeling and just decided to do a little extra to make my life easier....and ohhhh how it does make my life easier! Plus I haven't cooked a meal in weeks. I mean WEEEKS!
There is always good mixed in the bad, and the bad just makes the good even better. So I'm happy.

So, there it is. Reasons I don't feel like blogging. But I'm confident this dry spell will end and I will feel healthy again some day, and maybe I'll even buy a cheap camera at Wal-Mart. And just for the record...I'm completely aware of how pessimistic I've become. I feel it in my bones even, but I'm working on it.

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