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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Have to, have to, HAVE TO go to TreasureLayne Photo blog and check out darling photos of ZuZu love. Zuri and Kari were out taking pictures for aaaawhile, and if you know anything about my loving daughter, then you would know how everything she's feeling shows up in her face. No hidding it whatsoever. So, I'm so happy Kari captured many of the classic Zuri faces we're seeing these days.

Kari is the best in the west, and not to mention my pregnant partner in crime.
I love her...and you will too.

Ill put all the million or so other wonderful photos from their photo shoot up on here whenever I find an extra minute.
oh! and the photos from the 3rd, yes THIRD, birthday party way back in early July.
OH! and a picture of me in my 30th week of pregnancy.
OH! AND! finally a much need photo of all my wonderful students.

Just say it, I know your thinking it.
I suck at blogging now.

the mama and the papa and the baby bear

Sunday, July 17, 2011

ZuZu from Michael Paul on Vimeo.

I know I've posted this before, but Im missing my family being all under one roof....so I watch this over and over again and it makes me ohhh so happy.

ps...husband is moving home in 18 days!

befores and afters from todays Lashes

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Meet Lindsey
Above is her before lashes..
and here's her after...
Here is my hot mama, Joy.
Although Joy is extremely hot, her lashes were not.
But now they are!

ooo la la, mom

And, last but not least, Ryanne
The cutest neighbor around.
I didn't get a before, so we'll skip right to the afters..


Friday, July 8, 2011

Want Eyelash Extensions?

Come to ME!

I've recently become obsessed with doing eyelash extensions.... so every auntie, neighbor lady, and their daughters have all got them on around here now.

Yes, even my 8 year old sister.
(I feel a little "Toddlers in Tiaras" admitting this...scary)

Anyways...If you want a full set I am starting them out at a promotional cost of $65. Yup, you read it correctly....only $65! And $35 for a fill at about every 3-4 weeks. And, not to fear, I am kind of the best in the world at them....just sayin.

I use all professional products from iLash including the BEST bonding glue there is... Its a "Flex-Bond" technology that gives you the strongest, longest hold possible, while keeping a soft and supple texture so you feel like nothing is our your lashes at all. Im telling you, its the best. Especially for this desert dry climate in Utah...the best.

Plus, I just got a brand new shipment of professional chemical peels, and facial products from Image in. If you haven't heard of Image check them out here.

Come see me folks!


oh ya, and if you want to see what else I offer go to my Esthetics Blog!

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