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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Lets just talk about it.

I was that girl gawking at the breastfeeding lady sitting in the middle of the mall prior to kids.

Now, I am that breast feeding lady sitting in the middle of the mall. Weird.

True, I said I would never do that. Don't those people know there's a room designated for that specific purpose? Do I need to tell them directions? Nordstroms bathroom, lady! Nordstroms bathroom!

But what I never took into account before was their screaming, hungry baby, loads of crap to transport, other kids they'd have to drag along, and walking distance to that designated mothers room.

So...Now I have absolutely no problem when I see a lady sit down, pull out the "hooter hider", and nurse their baby in public. In fact, sometimes I feel like going up to them and giving them a "You go, mom! Breastfeed away!"

And since when was it ok to make nursing mothers feel like they have to do it private anyways? Just cause you choose to breastfeed, you therefore have to spend the majority of your days for the next year in dark corners, or behind closed doors alone? I think not.

And, no, I do not condone whipping out your naked boob and flashing every stranger or not stranger you see to feed your kid. Im not saying that....

But seriously, get over it people!

Anyways, want an uplifting quote for the day? Here ya go:
“An entire sea of water can’t sink a ship unless it gets inside the ship. Similarly, the negativity of the world can’t put you down unless you allow it to get inside you.”
— Goi Nasu

A day in the life.

Monday, December 12, 2011

I've decided today is blog worthy. And I'll just start in chronological order from last night...

So last night after spending the evening at the in laws we get home to a bunch of un opened mail. Well, bills. Always fun to come home to that, right? So, we open our outrageous electric bill, and I decide to take a vow to turn of the heat and suffer through the night for the rest of the winter before I get another bill like this one. Soooo, I dress extra warm.... Dress the kids extra warm. Put 2 more blankets on Zuri, then head to bed around 10.

At about 5 I get a tap on my shoulder. It's zu.
"mom. I forgot to go pee pee last night and I think my bed is all wet. I think it maybe pee. But I don't know."
Me (eyes not even willing to open): "k. Get nakey and hop in our bed."

I hear her getting undressed and whimpering about being cold... I hand her a wet wipe to do once-over on her whole body, and then it hits me. The frigid cold air. I swear you could see our breathe.

I give in and turn on the heat. Not before noticing all the sheets, stuffed animals, and 3 blankets doused is pee pee all over Zuri's bed. Wonderful.

She hurries in bed and immediately spoons me suction cup style, so I'm cemented in between Remi on my right and Zuri to the left. Its 7 now and I can't fall back to sleep. I'm supposed to get up to go running with Kylie (my sexy sissy in law) for the first time, but I'm just too cold and I can't move because if I do one of the two girls will wake up. Running is not gonna happen today.

So, there I sit. Trapped. Until 9 when we have to take husband to work. Normally when we take him I come right back home but with the cupboards getting pretty sparse I decide to do some grocery shopping before we got home. We get the kids semi dressed and make a mad dash to the car. When we're all finally strapped in and on our way. I realized i was wearing fuzzy blue slippers instead of shoes. Epic fail walking around wal-mart in a workout outfit and slippers. Oxymoron much?

Anyways, while in wal-Mart my main objective (besides buying groceries) is to keep chips, and cookies, and food with Dora the explorer on the outside of the box away from Zuris view. Somehow zuzu spy's a bag of Cheetos and goes nuts over them. Full force begging/whining begins and I will NOT give in. Tears begin to flow when, luckily, the bag shes looking at are "flaming hot" Cheetos. Phew. Problem solved.... Or so I thought until we get to the checkout and I hear...

"moooom! Look!!!!! I see the Cheetos with no fire! No fire Cheetos! No fire Cheetos!!!! I neeeeeed them!" I say no and world war 3 breaks out.

Both kids are now sobbing and screaming. Zuris practically throwing punches about the cheetos and I can't help but start laughing so hard in the checkout line that tears are coming down my face. The lady behind me thinks I'm crying so she starts consoling me...I'm trying to tell her I'm laughing and she looks at me so confused that it makes me laugh even harder.

Fast forward and were back in our freezer of a house. I have great intentions to clean the house and blah blah blah alllll after I nurse the baby and get her to take a nap. I lay her down and am feeding her when I this movie Jersey Girl starts on tv.... An hour later I realize I'm sobbing in my bed over this movie and have un consciously eaten 9 days worth of calories in chips and dip. Ugh. It's time to get up.

I run a bath for the baby and it feels so warm and good I decide to hop in with her. Not a millisecond after i get in Remi decided to unload the biggest baby newborn poop EVER. I mean ever. I jump out, drain the tub, bleach the tub, then fill it back up and get back in. Not but 2 minutes later round two of biggest baby poop ever in the bath happens again.

No way.

Drain the tub, clean the tub, fill the tub, get back in for the second time.

Remi has pretty bad eczema that we're supposed to clean thoroughly daily and it's mostly found in creases... If you've never seen Remi then you wouldnt know she is the chunkiest, chubbiest, most Michelin-man baby out. You can imagine the rolls, right?

So Im cleaning through all the little baby rolls one by one... Her front is done so flip her over and do behind her knees.... All of a sudden I realize Im dunking her face in the water! Ah! Panic sets in. I, of course, immediately flip her over and she seems fine, she coughed once or twice and was really mad... But she seems fine. I'm so freaked out at that point and feeling like the mother of the year because I just about drowned my child when I remember an Oprah episode i saw years ago... Something about a boy drowning after he went swimming just from inhaling a little water.....bah!

Im freaking out, rush out of the bath and google "boy on Oprah that drowned not in water". Haha.

I found out its called "dry drowning" and happens usually after a near drowning experience when there is trauma to the lungs/brain.... so I research dry drowning until I'm convinced Remi has no symptoms.

Phewwww. It's now only 2 and I feel like its been a whirl wind of a day already. We'll see what the next 7 hous have in store for the Christensen fam!

Introducing Miss Remi Estella Christensen

Monday, December 5, 2011

Our darling girl was born two days after my birthday on September 28th at 11:08pm weighing in at 6 pounds 3 ounces and was 18 1/2 inches long.

I couldn't imagine what another baby girl would be like for us... I would picture a carbon copy of baby Zuri. So, when we finally got meet Remi I was pleasantly surprised to find out the two were nothing alike. Remi came out looking like Bronson. Or a skinny little Mr. Burns. Haha. Right away she took to nursing very well and hasn't stopped since. She's seriously packed on some weight and gets more and more beautiful every single day. I still have days that I look at her and start bawling because I'm so I'm love.

My biggest concern was how Zuri would react to having a new baby sister and i was happy when she instantly fell in love with her just like the rest of us. She loves to hold baby Remi "skin to skin" and she loves telling me what Remi wants and when she wants it, and usually how to give it to her. She's a little mother to say the least.

Remi is now 9 weeks old, weighs over 11 pounds, and has this household wrapped around her tiny finger. She's smiling more and more, sleeps throughout the night and a good majority of the day too. She's so happy and loves to be snuggled constantly. She's stubborn though, and won't have anything to do with a binky or bottle so it looks like mom and Remi wont be having much time away from each other for the next 10 months or so... I'm ok with it!
Remi at 7 weeks
Nightly nakey snuggle sesh. Our favorite.
This is two days before I had Miss Remi Lou....its the very last picture taken of me pregnant. And yup, I stole it off Intsagram
The first smile ever captured!
Blue eyes like her dad and sister.

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