A Little Q & A

Friday, August 10, 2012

With a recent influx of blog readers...I have gotten an ample amount of emails. 

I love going through and reading mail from complete strangers who have, one way or another, stumbled upon my blog and liked it enough to write me a little note.
I LOVE reading all your messages and appreciate the time you take out of your day to let me know how you feel.

But, I feel bad not being able to reply to every single one. 

So, I've gone through them all..really, ALL of them (I smile the whole time-its silly), and I have gathered up the top 5 questions people are asking me.

From top to bottom, they are:
1. Whats your secret to a happy marriage?
2.Whats your workout routine and diet like?
3.Whats your daily beauty regiment?
4. How do you meditate?
5 Are you going to have more kids, and how many kids do you want?

Good questions, right?
I'm going to take this one bite at time...Starting with #5:

Q: Are you going to have more kids? If so, When?  How many kids do you want?

A: YES! My kids are what make my world go round and, of course, I want more of that. That feeling that nothing else on Earth comes close to. 

For sure, we will have one more. For sure. 
I used to be gung-ho on 4, but I'm thinking 3 kids sounds just right, We'll see, though. 
I don't like to define anything as important as family is. I try not to put my ideas in a little perfect box of what I think is right, because I know that in the end, its not up to me. If we're supposed to have more, we definitely will =)

And my thoughts on when.....well.....I figure the sooner you have them, the sooner they leave you. I'm already dreading the day my baby girls leave the house, so I'm in no rush to pop another babe out. Zuri and Remi are 3 years and 2 months apart, and I love it. Zuri loves her sissy so much and shes old enough to help out, not get jealous, and laugh along with me at the funny stuff Rems does. 

Another good part about their age gap is that they're far enough apart that I'm not stressed out or pulled too thin...and close enough that they'll be only 2 grades apart in school. Zuri will be young for her grade and Remi will be old. I couldn't have planned it better if I tried!

Sooooo, one down, four to go....
I'll get to it when I get to it.


  1. It's weird because every time I go past your Cedar Hills house I think of us being little again- and it hits me that we're grown up and have babies! Your little family is so wonderful and you're such a good mom- you should have as many babies as you can handle! :)


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