Question #3

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Before I get into all my beautifying tricks, I have to tell why I've been MIA. 

1 TV series
2 seasons
3 words.

Pretty Little Liars

Ive been on a hardcore binge, and I wont even divulge the disgusting amount of hours I have wasted watching Aria, Spencer, Hanna, and Emily any chance I get.

Who the hell is A?!?!?!?!? I can't take it!

Back on track, though....

Q: What tips and tricks do you have with makeup and hair? What products do you use? Will you do a make-up tutorial?

A: Sorry to break your hearts, but no. I will not do a makeup tutorial. There are a lot of reasons I'm not going to, but lets just say that today I accidentally laid down in a syrup covered waffle on my living room floor around 1 pm, and I still haven't scraped off the dried on syrup off my back. Its 11:30.

Time seems to escape me these days. 
But I wanted to start with what I think is most important in my "routine."
My night time ritual..and here's exactly what it looks like.

step by step:
1. remove eye makeup with good ole olive oil- this works just as good as eye makeup remover and is natural, and not harmful to your lashes or uber sensitive eye skin. Plus, its moisturizing and good for your lashes.
2.wash face with Ageless Cleanser by Image
3. take a dab of extra virgin coconut oil and rub into my eyelashes and around my eyes, and on my lips....this is healing and promotes new hair and skin growth...I could go on and on about coconut oil for days. Sometimes I slather it on my whole face and just go to bed-no zits when I wake up. Promise.
4.apply Vital-c hydrating anti-aging serum by Image to face and NECK! Don't forget the neck ladies.
5.apply Vital-C repair Creme to face and neck.
6. Go sleepy time.

Morning Routine:
(I cannot lie...this only happens maybe %50 of the time)
 From the top!
1. L'oreal Magic Lumi...light infusing primer. HOLY. CRAP. How I never used this until recently is beyond me. It moisturizes, primes, and highlights alllllll in one. Buy it. NOW! 
2. True  Match concealer. I'm a big concealer fan. I go all the way down to the sides of my nose and across my I make like a triangle under my eyes....I feather it out really good then.....
3. Apply Revlon  PhotoReady eye primer + brightener on top of my lid and under my eyes.
4. Powder time. I use good old physicians formula in a pressed powder. I hate heavy foundation and like my natural skin to show through, so I only use a little to even out my skin tone.
5. Bronze. same physicians formula from Wal-Mart (I love it). I never get any sparkle or shimmer and I make sure to get a mix with some pinky-peach in it....I just like the way it looks on me. I apply it to the areas where the sun naturally hits my face, and if I want to get fancy I'll take a smaller angular foundation brush and use bronzer to contour under my cheekbones and jawline. Oooo La la. I told you I was getting fancy...
6. Blush...Just a tad of Bobbi Brown in Maui 3 right on the apples of my cheeks. And yes, I smile the whole time I apply. And you should too. =)
7.Eyes....I use a Bare Escentuals duo that's not in the photo above, buts its a muted brown and cream combo...dark in the crease, light over the lid. Easy peasy.
8. MOOOOST important. Maybelline Unstoppable eyeliner in Onyx. Stop buying whatever you're buying and convert. This doesn't smudge or move an bit all day long. I just do the top eyeliner mostly and I make it a little thicker on the outside and work to pencil thin line on the inside. I rarely do the bottom eyeliner.
9. Another fancy one for ya, I use two mascaras in conjunction with each other. First I apply Falsies Volume Express....this is really wet and thick. I don't like it. So then I apply Lashblast 24 hr on top....this evens it out, brushes all the lashes really straight and long, and gives it a good finish that lasts all day.
10. The last and final step that I am a stickler on. Eyebrow gel. Force those brows to look the way you want! Naturally mine aren't a great shape, but with a little Great Lash in clear, I can manipulate them into looking more angular and crisp.

And finally! 

Biggest trick with my hair.....
Are you ready?
I don't wash it. 
Really. I never ever wash it. EVER.
Shampoo has not hit my scalp in months and months. 
I use Wen..its a cleansing conditioner, and I use it once or maybe twice a week. 
When I feel like my hair is getting gross, I use corn starch and rub into my roots, then shake out the excess. 

And my biggest trick, I think, is using Coconut Oil once a week.
Every Sunday I melt down the oil (its solid at room temp, so I run it under hot water until its liquid) then slather in on my hair...from root to tip. 

My hair literally drips coconut oil.

I Saran wrap my hair all tight to my head and spend the rest of the night or morning doing chores or playing with babies. I leave it on for at least an hour...the whole time I try to avoid Bronson because I can hardly look at myself in the mirror when I look like why would I want him to see me too? Honestly, I look alien-ish.

I wash it out in the shower really good, and when its all done and dry my hair feels silkier and looks shiner every time. Its awesome! 
So, now that I've shared some of my tips and tricks....I want to hear yours too! 
Let me know if I'm missing out on any HAVE-TOS! 


  1. I love all your tips! And love that you can buy them at Walmart and not some fancy department store! Thanks so much!! Your hair looks so healthy. Just curious do you blow dry your hair or straighten it?

    1. Thanks!!' I have stick straight hair sobi never straighten it, but I do blow dry it. I flip my head upside down and dot come up til it's fully dry... That way I have more volume.

  2. I've been a reader for a while now, but I have to finally comment and say that I have done the same thing with PLL. I watched all 47 episodes of seasons 1 and 2 in like 2 weeks. I just found any time available after working and playing with my lil' one, and I was glued!
    And thanks for giving me a reason to use the coconut oil in my cupboard. Wasn't sure why I bought it.

    Maybe I'll sign this off with...


    1. Ohhh I just died with laughter. Since last week I've been dreaming of finding a note from A, and you my dear, just made that dream come true.

      Ps I found out who it was! I had a sneaky suspicion.....

    2. Oh but is that A, or are there more.....??? Hmmm???? Keep watching....

  3. This is so helpful - I never want to buy new cosmetics just to throw them away, so thank you! I was going to buy Wen once but a friend stopped me telling me it makes hair fall out, have you had any problems with this? Trying to decide if I should reconsider. I am allergic to sulfates and get a bad rash, so I desperately need something like this!! And I'm with Matasha...I have all this coconut oil but I can't bear the taste so it's just sitting around; time to try it out! Thanks girls :)

  4. THanks for the tips Wes! this coconut oil sounds magical...imma go get me some today! xo

  5. Just an FYI; Wen suffocates your hair follicle's and can cause hair loss.

  6. Wes your beauty secrets are blowing my mind right now! mind blown!

  7. I love this post! Thanks for sharing your tips Weslie! <3

  8. Hey Weslie, I love your tips! Have you checked out You can type in any of the products you use and see where they are on the toxic scale. 0 and 1 being very good and 10 being very toxic. The Physicians Formula is around a 2 which I was very excited about! :) I am also in love with Virgin Coconut Oil and do a hair treatment every week. I wrote a blog post last week about my husband when he sees me climb into bed with a shower cap on. Ya I look scary! haha :) I also make a natural deodorant and cleanser using coconut oil for a company in South Salt Lake. I love the stuff!!

  9. Wen does NOT suffocate your hair follicles as they are dead already. Plus, you wash it out. I would not have a hair on my head right now if it wasn't for Wen.

  10. so excited about this....thank you!!! I have ZERO beauty secrets to share....haha!

  11. Dior mascara is my fave. Used to be a Lancome Hypnose junkie but the Sephora chica converted me!

  12. Hi Weslie,

    I really enjoy your blog. Thanks for taking the time out to share these great tips. My friend recently introducted me to coconut oil and I'm obsessed! I'm a little reluctant to use on my face or hair though since my face is acne prone, and my hair is super fine and straight. After your glowing endorsement, I will give it a shot :)

    Any reason why you don't use coconut oil for eye makeup remover rather than olive oil?

    A splurge purchase for me in the hair care arena are products by Sacha Juan. Love the ocean spray, the mousse as well as their Hair Repair conditioner....

    Brooklyn NY

  13. Your blog is like therapy. I swear! Thanks Weslie. Now I don't feel like the only crazy mom out there. I am not obsessed with PLL but my daughter is and MY TV obsessions---don't even get me started. My family makes such fun of me but I'm me and I enjoy what I enjoy. No matter what they say! HeHeHe
    Raleigh, NC

  14. I would love to try the coconut oil but I'm not sure where I would find it. Would it be at Wal-Mart? If so what section? If not where else would it be? Thanks to anyone who can answer!! =)

    1. I bought it at Wal Mart. It was near the non-stick sprays, and oils (vegetable, olive, ect.). Hope this helps!

    2. I buy a 54 oz container of Nutiva certified organic virgin coconut oil on for $27 with free shipping.

  15. Hi Weslie,
    Have you ever tried any products from Origins? They are amazing and made from all natural ingredients!

  16. Hi Weslie,

    I love reading your blog and look forward to your updates! This was a fun post and I always enjoy finding out new beauty tips. I have a question about your hair. I dye my hair blonde as well but your hair seems to hold its color so well! I was surprised you don't use purple shampoo or something. Does your hair just dye really well to that color? Or do you go to the salon a lot?

    Thanks! I look forward to more posts about you and your cute fam!


  17. I don't know anything about beauty products at all, I buy different items every time an normally just get the cheapest. This list of products was AWESOME. I got all the makeup and yeah, maybe I'm copying you 100%, but you know what you're doing! Thanks for the tips. I already feel wonderful and natural!! Thank you

  18. Loved the tips! I am also obsessed with Pretty Little Liars. I actually hunkered down in the preteen book isle at Target to read what was going to happen next in the series. I gasp and usually watch it in the evening which really freaks me out. You can watch episodes on hulu too. I really love the fashion on the show!

  19. OK so i JUST tried olive oil as an eye makeup remover... THANK YOU for the tip! worked amazing AND i can feel it's softness on my eyelashes. amazing. i'm all about finding products with the least amount of chemicals (and other crap)... so using good ol' natural evoo is a no-brainer. thanks again!

  20. Where do you buy your Vitamin-C Image products?

  21. After you use the coconut oil in your hair do you use shampoo to rinse it out. Does the wen get it out so it isn't greasy?

  22. Weslie, when you put the Coconut Oil on your hair is your hair already wet or do you put it on dry hair?

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  24. Coconut oil is my biggest obsession, glad others out there love it too. Not to be too over the top, but it will also change your forever. I cant believe I just said that on a blog for you all to see.. but try it. Its life changing.

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