Question #4

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Q: How do you meditate?

A: First of all, This was last the question on Earth I thought anyone would ever ask me...

I've vaguely mentioned on my blog that I mediate, but I've never really talked about it. So, the number of people who wanted to know more about it took me by surprise.

It also made me really happy because it's something that I feel is so important in my everyday life. It's changed how I feel emotionally, spiritually, and physically all for the better, and I'm excited to talk about it actually.

So thank you for asking!!

Hmmmm.... How to even start?

To begin, let me say, that I don't do it "right". Then again.... I don't believe there is a right or wrong way to do it. I think that whatever feels comfortable to you, probably is right.

When I began meditating I was in an awful spot. My thoughts, I knew, were making me sicker. I had heard of mediation before so I started googling, youtubing, and Oprah-ing the crap out it.

I learned there are a lot of different ways to do it...I found a ton of really intense versions that involve mantras and chants that people memorize.

I tired those and felt silly to be honest... I felt like an outsider in my own body. It didn't fit.

So I went back to the basics of why I wanted to start meditating. I was in a state of self loathing and I knew I wanted mediation to "fix me."

I had learned that the basics of mediation was about gratitude, stillness, and thought control, so I thought I should start by sitting for 10 minutes a day and focusing on the positives I had in my life during those dark moments, then magnify them 10 fold.

It was hard at first. My thoughts were pretty toxic and learning to control them was difficult. I wasn't even aware of my absent minded negative thinking until I sat in my closet and tried to not think of anything negative.

Through meditation I realized a lot about myself and the things I would hold on to. I learned that I used to define myself, then live in the restraints of my definition.

I boxed myself into all these rules and ideas I created and it was so suffocating. No wonder I wasn't happy.

But week after week I would sit in my closet and feel more healed. I released a lot of ideas about myself and started to accept and love myself for exactly who and what I am.

Now I'm to a point that I look forward to meditation each day and I can easily get relaxed and just be still. I go through everything I'm thankful for, and all the things I love about myself and family. I wait for ideas and inspiration to come to me while I meditate...and they always do.

I've learned that no thought, idea, or event is random... Things come to you for a reason and it's your choice on how you react to them, if you choose to react at all.

Nothing is random-everything small or big is coming at you for a reason. Just give yourself the time you deserve each day to take it all in and digest it. It's so important to be aware of where are emotionally and spiritually at all times... I can't stress it enough!

People spend soooo much time focusing on the exterior shell of themselves, or their house, or career, or children that they forget the most important part of why were here.... To grow, and to learn, and to give back.

If you take 3 minutes away from doing your hair, 3 minutes away from doing your makeup, 3 minutes away from your daily Facebook check, and 3 minutes away from pinning on pinterest then you'll have more than enough time in your day to devote to your inner and most important self.

So try it! Give it two weeks....and tell me what you think.



  1. I have also been practicing daily meditation that consists of just being thankful for every little thing I can think of. On top of that, I envision all the amazing things I would like to bring into my experience. I don't usually set aside a special time, instead I pay attention to my thoughts all day long and I replace any negative thoughts with something positive. Mainly I just try to feel good about as many things as I can all day long. I've been practicing this since I started reading the Abraham-Hicks books I was telling you about the other day. :) I am always excited to see how much the same you and I view things as well as our self awareness. You mentioned that you were always trying to live within certain restraints set by yourself and I know that I have also struggled with that and have recently felt liberated. I now just live my life to be happy and forget about rules I set or others set. Anyways, I love your blog. Until next time ;)
    Samantha Marshall @samanthajo87

  2. Thanks. I managed to stop a fight by reminding my 5-year-old to be thankful for what he has rather than be angry he doesn't have what his brother and sister have.

  3. This is so great - thank you for sharing your process. I think I'm in a stuck place with my thought patterns and it's time for me to try this. You kind of demystified the process for me . . . I feel like your approach is simple and something I can tackle. So thanks!


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