The awful moment when...

Sunday, October 7, 2012

...When you've actually succumbed into climbing in the bath tub, fully clothed, to wrestle your tantrum throwing 4 year old into washing the conditioner out of her hair....then you hear something.

Sounds like sanding.

"What is that?" you ask yourself.

You, then, look over to see your barely one year old holding onto the side of the tub, grinding her teeth off with a foot file. 

Little white teeth grindings smear the black emery board file, making it look gray.
Hopefully she'll be one of those kids who lose their baby teeth early.
Happy day!


  1. Sooo funny. I say next time leave the conditioner in. Love the blog!

  2. ROFL; alternative buy leave-in conditioner! Remi is so cute with the foot file in her mouth - I have one of those - foot files that is!

  3. Funny to read - I guess not so fun irl. Great blog!!

  4. My son did that when he was little. Then not so long ago he decided to use the nail file on his teeth while I was nursing our newborn! It was awful. Listening to it then having to try and make a decision on which child to ignore. Hee hee I learned how to put my stuff away, and close the drawers.
    Love the blog.


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