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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Guys, guess who The Skinny Confidential's new beauty expert is...?

Wooo Hoo!!!! 

Lauryn, who is the master mind behind the Skinny, is the cutest girl out. She has the best tips, tricks, and advice ever.
...Like these nooodles! What!? Why didn't I think of that?
I am adding them to my shopping list indefinitely.

So, I've been falling madly and deeply in blog-love with her, and I asked her to write you guys a little bit about herself...
Here she is!
When I'm not making a skinny cocktail, you can find me blogging, teaching Pilates, or reading. 
 My blog, The Skinny Confidential, is all about having your cake and eating it too! I don't believe in a diet, but a lifestyle. Think recipe modifications, accessible fitness tips, & healthy weight-loss tricks...but in a fun, girly, witty way.

I'm a FitFluential ambassador, actively involved with the Yellow Ribbon Program, & currently a "practicing vegan" 80 percent of the time ; ). 
I love being at home with my babe, spooning my chihuahua, chopping veggies, & getting real creepily deep into TiVo. 

SEE! She's adorable, right!? I couldn't be happier to pair up with such an amazing and truly informative woman.

Anyways, you can read my first post with her here...I'll be posting monthly, so add her to your blog list!


  1. WES! Thats freakin awesome, you're just the girl for the job too! Can't wait to read more of your wisdom on more then just one blog now- double the goodness! xoxo

  2. That is awesome! I am new to your blog, found you through people water, and I must say I love ya!!!! This mom of 3 can totally relate and I enjoy laughing and learning with you! I must admit that I am now a top knot, closet sitting momma all thanks to you haha. Keep doing what you do!


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