Copes birthday

Sunday, November 18, 2012

My cutie pie nephew, Cope, turned 2 just awhile back and had the best little birthday party ever! His mama, Kylie, did such a good job.

Yes, he is abnormally cute, and yes, I am aware we are blessed with extraordinarily beautiful babies in this family.
 I don't get it, but we'll take them!

I have a strange talent for making cakes so I offered to make Cope's Brobee cake....and I have to say, I think that cake is my most bestest creation.

HAHA. If you havent watched this bad lip reading you won't get watch it! 

We lub you Copeykins!


  1. ahhh i'm so sad i was sick and couldn't make it to cope's birthday bash! and that cake really looks phenomenal. you are such a master.


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