So, I was on the Daily Dish...

Friday, August 31, 2012

And if you want to watch me...HERE IT IS

I black out each time I go on, and  I remember nothing of what comes out of my mouth. 

It's embarassing.

My arms fly alllll over the place.

I cover my face the whole time I watch it. 

And, yes, I actually said something like "I'll show you mine, if you show me yours..." on live TV.

Anyways, go watch it. 

Question #3

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Before I get into all my beautifying tricks, I have to tell why I've been MIA. 

1 TV series
2 seasons
3 words.

Pretty Little Liars

Ive been on a hardcore binge, and I wont even divulge the disgusting amount of hours I have wasted watching Aria, Spencer, Hanna, and Emily any chance I get.

Who the hell is A?!?!?!?!? I can't take it!

Back on track, though....

Q: What tips and tricks do you have with makeup and hair? What products do you use? Will you do a make-up tutorial?

A: Sorry to break your hearts, but no. I will not do a makeup tutorial. There are a lot of reasons I'm not going to, but lets just say that today I accidentally laid down in a syrup covered waffle on my living room floor around 1 pm, and I still haven't scraped off the dried on syrup off my back. Its 11:30.

Time seems to escape me these days. 
But I wanted to start with what I think is most important in my "routine."
My night time ritual..and here's exactly what it looks like.

step by step:
1. remove eye makeup with good ole olive oil- this works just as good as eye makeup remover and is natural, and not harmful to your lashes or uber sensitive eye skin. Plus, its moisturizing and good for your lashes.
2.wash face with Ageless Cleanser by Image
3. take a dab of extra virgin coconut oil and rub into my eyelashes and around my eyes, and on my lips....this is healing and promotes new hair and skin growth...I could go on and on about coconut oil for days. Sometimes I slather it on my whole face and just go to bed-no zits when I wake up. Promise.
4.apply Vital-c hydrating anti-aging serum by Image to face and NECK! Don't forget the neck ladies.
5.apply Vital-C repair Creme to face and neck.
6. Go sleepy time.

Morning Routine:
(I cannot lie...this only happens maybe %50 of the time)
 From the top!
1. L'oreal Magic Lumi...light infusing primer. HOLY. CRAP. How I never used this until recently is beyond me. It moisturizes, primes, and highlights alllllll in one. Buy it. NOW! 
2. True  Match concealer. I'm a big concealer fan. I go all the way down to the sides of my nose and across my I make like a triangle under my eyes....I feather it out really good then.....
3. Apply Revlon  PhotoReady eye primer + brightener on top of my lid and under my eyes.
4. Powder time. I use good old physicians formula in a pressed powder. I hate heavy foundation and like my natural skin to show through, so I only use a little to even out my skin tone.
5. Bronze. same physicians formula from Wal-Mart (I love it). I never get any sparkle or shimmer and I make sure to get a mix with some pinky-peach in it....I just like the way it looks on me. I apply it to the areas where the sun naturally hits my face, and if I want to get fancy I'll take a smaller angular foundation brush and use bronzer to contour under my cheekbones and jawline. Oooo La la. I told you I was getting fancy...
6. Blush...Just a tad of Bobbi Brown in Maui 3 right on the apples of my cheeks. And yes, I smile the whole time I apply. And you should too. =)
7.Eyes....I use a Bare Escentuals duo that's not in the photo above, buts its a muted brown and cream combo...dark in the crease, light over the lid. Easy peasy.
8. MOOOOST important. Maybelline Unstoppable eyeliner in Onyx. Stop buying whatever you're buying and convert. This doesn't smudge or move an bit all day long. I just do the top eyeliner mostly and I make it a little thicker on the outside and work to pencil thin line on the inside. I rarely do the bottom eyeliner.
9. Another fancy one for ya, I use two mascaras in conjunction with each other. First I apply Falsies Volume Express....this is really wet and thick. I don't like it. So then I apply Lashblast 24 hr on top....this evens it out, brushes all the lashes really straight and long, and gives it a good finish that lasts all day.
10. The last and final step that I am a stickler on. Eyebrow gel. Force those brows to look the way you want! Naturally mine aren't a great shape, but with a little Great Lash in clear, I can manipulate them into looking more angular and crisp.

And finally! 

Biggest trick with my hair.....
Are you ready?
I don't wash it. 
Really. I never ever wash it. EVER.
Shampoo has not hit my scalp in months and months. 
I use Wen..its a cleansing conditioner, and I use it once or maybe twice a week. 
When I feel like my hair is getting gross, I use corn starch and rub into my roots, then shake out the excess. 

And my biggest trick, I think, is using Coconut Oil once a week.
Every Sunday I melt down the oil (its solid at room temp, so I run it under hot water until its liquid) then slather in on my hair...from root to tip. 

My hair literally drips coconut oil.

I Saran wrap my hair all tight to my head and spend the rest of the night or morning doing chores or playing with babies. I leave it on for at least an hour...the whole time I try to avoid Bronson because I can hardly look at myself in the mirror when I look like why would I want him to see me too? Honestly, I look alien-ish.

I wash it out in the shower really good, and when its all done and dry my hair feels silkier and looks shiner every time. Its awesome! 
So, now that I've shared some of my tips and tricks....I want to hear yours too! 
Let me know if I'm missing out on any HAVE-TOS! 

Cody Barker....the whistling master

Sunday, August 19, 2012

I'm taking a quick hiatus from our little Q&A session to introduce you to Cody, the best whistler in the world.

Well, this is what we think, at least. 
We wont know for sure though, until the world gets to see him at his craft.

So, share this video...tell your mom....pass it along to some big Disney rep your know or something-and don't forget to use #thedisneywhistler when you do. 

Cody Barker Disney Whistler from chiefwatergiver on Vimeo.

ps....he's highly eligible....I'm thinking of taking online applications of sweet, fun, darling, and family/friend orientated babes who want to date him. I'm serious.

Question #4

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Q: How do you meditate?

A: First of all, This was last the question on Earth I thought anyone would ever ask me...

I've vaguely mentioned on my blog that I mediate, but I've never really talked about it. So, the number of people who wanted to know more about it took me by surprise.

It also made me really happy because it's something that I feel is so important in my everyday life. It's changed how I feel emotionally, spiritually, and physically all for the better, and I'm excited to talk about it actually.

So thank you for asking!!

Hmmmm.... How to even start?

To begin, let me say, that I don't do it "right". Then again.... I don't believe there is a right or wrong way to do it. I think that whatever feels comfortable to you, probably is right.

When I began meditating I was in an awful spot. My thoughts, I knew, were making me sicker. I had heard of mediation before so I started googling, youtubing, and Oprah-ing the crap out it.

I learned there are a lot of different ways to do it...I found a ton of really intense versions that involve mantras and chants that people memorize.

I tired those and felt silly to be honest... I felt like an outsider in my own body. It didn't fit.

So I went back to the basics of why I wanted to start meditating. I was in a state of self loathing and I knew I wanted mediation to "fix me."

I had learned that the basics of mediation was about gratitude, stillness, and thought control, so I thought I should start by sitting for 10 minutes a day and focusing on the positives I had in my life during those dark moments, then magnify them 10 fold.

It was hard at first. My thoughts were pretty toxic and learning to control them was difficult. I wasn't even aware of my absent minded negative thinking until I sat in my closet and tried to not think of anything negative.

Through meditation I realized a lot about myself and the things I would hold on to. I learned that I used to define myself, then live in the restraints of my definition.

I boxed myself into all these rules and ideas I created and it was so suffocating. No wonder I wasn't happy.

But week after week I would sit in my closet and feel more healed. I released a lot of ideas about myself and started to accept and love myself for exactly who and what I am.

Now I'm to a point that I look forward to meditation each day and I can easily get relaxed and just be still. I go through everything I'm thankful for, and all the things I love about myself and family. I wait for ideas and inspiration to come to me while I meditate...and they always do.

I've learned that no thought, idea, or event is random... Things come to you for a reason and it's your choice on how you react to them, if you choose to react at all.

Nothing is random-everything small or big is coming at you for a reason. Just give yourself the time you deserve each day to take it all in and digest it. It's so important to be aware of where are emotionally and spiritually at all times... I can't stress it enough!

People spend soooo much time focusing on the exterior shell of themselves, or their house, or career, or children that they forget the most important part of why were here.... To grow, and to learn, and to give back.

If you take 3 minutes away from doing your hair, 3 minutes away from doing your makeup, 3 minutes away from your daily Facebook check, and 3 minutes away from pinning on pinterest then you'll have more than enough time in your day to devote to your inner and most important self.

So try it! Give it two weeks....and tell me what you think.


A Little Q & A

Friday, August 10, 2012

With a recent influx of blog readers...I have gotten an ample amount of emails. 

I love going through and reading mail from complete strangers who have, one way or another, stumbled upon my blog and liked it enough to write me a little note.
I LOVE reading all your messages and appreciate the time you take out of your day to let me know how you feel.

But, I feel bad not being able to reply to every single one. 

So, I've gone through them all..really, ALL of them (I smile the whole time-its silly), and I have gathered up the top 5 questions people are asking me.

From top to bottom, they are:
1. Whats your secret to a happy marriage?
2.Whats your workout routine and diet like?
3.Whats your daily beauty regiment?
4. How do you meditate?
5 Are you going to have more kids, and how many kids do you want?

Good questions, right?
I'm going to take this one bite at time...Starting with #5:

Q: Are you going to have more kids? If so, When?  How many kids do you want?

A: YES! My kids are what make my world go round and, of course, I want more of that. That feeling that nothing else on Earth comes close to. 

For sure, we will have one more. For sure. 
I used to be gung-ho on 4, but I'm thinking 3 kids sounds just right, We'll see, though. 
I don't like to define anything as important as family is. I try not to put my ideas in a little perfect box of what I think is right, because I know that in the end, its not up to me. If we're supposed to have more, we definitely will =)

And my thoughts on when.....well.....I figure the sooner you have them, the sooner they leave you. I'm already dreading the day my baby girls leave the house, so I'm in no rush to pop another babe out. Zuri and Remi are 3 years and 2 months apart, and I love it. Zuri loves her sissy so much and shes old enough to help out, not get jealous, and laugh along with me at the funny stuff Rems does. 

Another good part about their age gap is that they're far enough apart that I'm not stressed out or pulled too thin...and close enough that they'll be only 2 grades apart in school. Zuri will be young for her grade and Remi will be old. I couldn't have planned it better if I tried!

Sooooo, one down, four to go....
I'll get to it when I get to it.

All about lashes, ladies....

Monday, August 6, 2012

Because of my darling babies, I cant keep up with my lash extension clients.

But its ok! Don't freak out! 
I have a replacement. 

The best replacement on  Earth:

A) Because she's my cousin

and B) Because she's theeeee best lash lady out. For real. Shes the only person I let touch mine, and trust me, I'm picky. 

Her name is Devynne and she works from 3 different locations, which is awesome for you! ...One is in Draper, one is in Bountiful, and the last is in Pleasant Grove. Her number is 801.634.4536 and she responds to calls and texts.  

She's doing a summer special of $80 for a full set until the end of August, so hurry up!
ps...she beyond gorgeous, so dont be austruck by her beauty.
 Just a fair warning.

These are just the afters....
 And this one is a before|after....
 So give her a call! She ready and willing for a slew of new clientele!

American Dreamin

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Since everyone left for Ghana, I've been so happy.
There isn't a better way to put it.

I'm miss my husband, of course, and I'm absolutely green with envy. I've wanted to go on a humanitarian trip for my whole life, but I cant shake this feeling of complete bliss.

I also can't shake the feeling that I need to share the experience Ive had throughout the journey to get Ghana, I mean.

It started so long ago it feels like.

Brons and I had moved to LA on a whim.
We needed a change of scenery.

In hindsight, it all started with that move for us.

We had no jobs, family,  or friends out there. It was only me, Bronson and tiny 2 year old Zuzu living in a 600 sq foot studio on 7th and Main in downtown LA.

Luckily, Brons got an internship with a designer right away and we lived off our savings for months.

His internship ended and it was time to find a job. Money was dwindling...and fast.  We were literally saving our pennies. I was going to WIC for food stamps, and still, ends weren't being met.

Right at this point I found out I was pregnant.

We were so stubborn and wanted to make it work out so badly, in the moment it didn't make sense, but knowing what I know now, it all makes sense.

 We were meant to stick it out, because something bigger was in store for us.  We weren't supposed to quit and call someone to bail us out, or leave. Why?

Cause in this same month Cody and Jef called asking if they could stay with us for bit while they figure out their new company, People Water.


So, they move in. Bronson and I obviously see the stuff they have with their company and want to be involved. And I remember getting a feeling like this was something big-BIG. We both just knew it. Everything about it was amazing, plus we love Cody and Jef so much that it seemed right to get involved.

Our financial situation was a mess even with the help of those 2 pitching in rent though, and it was obvious at that point that I had to get a job, but I wouldn't put ZuLady in daycare. The only people I felt comfortable leaving her with while I worked was with the grandmas...The grandmas that  both lived back in Utah.

This is where I know that there was something much bigger than us aligning everything together. Things honestly started falling into place with little or no effort at all. Like:
My parents didn't hesitate when I asked to move into their house with no move out date in sight.
My in laws flew out that week to help move me and Zuri out.
Both sets of parents offered to watch Zuri whenever and however much I needed.
I got offered a teaching job the day I started looking for work.
....The list is endless 

But, most people I knew didn't understand our decision to live apart. And to be honest, I didn't even understand it at the time, but I knew it had to happen. I had faith that it would work out somehow.

Months and months went by.  6 1/2 to be exact. Him working 2 jobs, one for free, and not being together as a family.  Me, being a 'single', pregnant, working was rough. But it was all in hopes that the sacrifices we were making would pay off.

They did and still continue to pay off. I'm not talking financially....I mean it more like...Like, look at what this idea has become...

That's how it started.  People Water was just an idea our two friends had.
Its snowballed into what it is now and it just keeps growing. Its so amazing!  The feeling of accomplishment and pride is better than any dollar amount or title could ever be.

And I'm not even employed by them. haha

Everything about this was so serendipitous....I honestly don't believe any part of Bronson's involvement was luck, or being in the right spot and the right time. We felt driven to go to LA, we felt driven to take a chance on the unknown. Cody and Jef could have stayed in Utah, too, but they didn't.

Everything fell together like some gigantic puzzle that no one could even see the pieces to.

And this trip brings it home for me.

Finding Bronson's hacked blog entry and seeing those little girls saying my name....seeing everyone with all the kids.....hearing  the stories about peoples lives being changed for the better because of People Water. Its so amazing.

So, I feel like this is a story of the American Dream in ways.
I know for fact that if you put your heart and soul into something that is good and pure it will work.  It really will.
And that if you support your spouse, partner, parents, friends, children, or whoever that you have in your life about ANYTHING that they're passionate about, you cant go wrong. I promise you that.
...Even if its hard.

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