Giveaway winners announced!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

EEEEEK! I had so much fun reading all of these amazing comments.
 The luck ladies are:

#1) I appreciate a poem for any/every little thing in life. Thanks, Jokhan.

#2) Because Natalie, obviously, enjoys a good 'Bad Lip Reading.'

                                    and #3) Miss Jennifer, who appreciates the design and work ethic of Mr. Clark.

                                            CONGRATS GIRLS! Please email me at 
to collect your Oliver Clarks!


  1. WOWSA, Thank you soooooo much!!! Yay, am sooo excited!!! Can't thank you enough!! You totally made my day/night/week/year!!!

  2. Ahhhhhh!!! Could you be any more amazing?!

    The answer to that riddle is no!
    Thank you so very very much, I can't wait for this Canadian winter to bite it so I can rock these puppies allll spring/summer long! :)

  3. Thank you!!!!!! I am so happy and grateful ! I cannot wait to rock one of these lovely pair of shoes around downtown Chicago. I have to walk miles every day and can't wait to have a comfy yet über stylish shoe to do it in. Thanks again Weslie ! Your the best!!!Also can't wait to read more on lovechugs :) xoxo Jennifer


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