Ocean Beach

Sunday, March 3, 2013

We've been in SF for 2 months now, and we've agreed to use our weekend time to explore different parts of the state.  

This week we wanted to check out surfing spots that could be baby friendly, too. We found Ocean Park which is about an hour away, but I am already daydreaming of pop up shade umbrellas, packed picnics, and no nap time spring/summer weekends.   

It was so fun. 
It had a huge sandy beach for the girls, and surf for the husband and me.
 I'll have to grow a pair of huevos to go out into the ocean alone, though. The sea and the creatures inside it give me the weebie-jeebies. My mind starts playing tricks on me the minute I'm alone swimming in the ocean, and its like I feel a huge great white shark beelining for my torso every second I'm in there. 


I'll learn to get over it, though. 


  1. We're in the Sacramento area - you should check out Monterey sometime - the aquarium is really cool but pretty pricey too.
    Santa Cruz is always a great spot too.

  2. Just found your blog...you did a spray tan for me years ago, and I was looking to do that again! So sad you're in California now, but so happy for you! The ocean

  3. Love the glasses! Your fam is presh and this weekend outing looks heavenly.

  4. is it sad that i'm jealous of a four-year-old's style? probably...

  5. LOVE Zu's top! I want one for myself!! You're making me miss CA and the beach SO bad right now!!!

  6. your little girl is such a doll!

  7. We are self proclaimed Beach Bums we spend almost every weekend in Malibu CA. He surfs, I relax and Baby Girl has the whole beach to run around. I have the same fear of learning to surf when it comes to all the sea creatures haha

  8. I live in Pacifica and there are great surfing spots at Linda Mar beach and further down the coast in Half Moon Bay. Beautiful coastline and cute beach towns! It's a little further than SF (about 15 minutes south), but so worth it!

  9. My husband and I got engaged at Ocean Beach-- love it!


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