Giveaway time with Oliver Clark

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Its time!
My first Giveaway...

The lucky winners [yes,there is an 's' on the end of that winner...there will be THREE different winners!] will receive one of Oliver Clark's Spring/Summer 2013 Collection Contemporary Shoes.

First up,
-or, third-
GUYS! I'm dying over them! I want them all for myself...not gonna lie.

The Oliver Clark Collection shoes are all hand crafted. They literally mold to your feet and look better the longer you wear them...and for an average price of $415.00-they should!
I'm lucky enough to own one pair of Oliver Clark's-they are the Zip Reed Boots I'm wearing here.
Needless to say, they are my favorite pair of shoes I own.

But, if you know anything about me, then you know I want you to meet Oliver.
The man behind the shoes.
The New York based designer is one of the most talented and intriguing individuals I've ever known... He is, also, the guy who created the notorious Watermelon Hat that you see my husband and all his friends never taking off.
Funny story, I actually met Oliver when I was 13 years old in Junior High.  I  had a mini crush on him, and if you didn't know then, Oliver, now you know. But anyways, he's beyond creative and driven. He started making shoes by the time he was 18, and is currently in all best the mags out, and in New York's Fashion Week.
[check out his PRESS]

 To see more of Oliver's work, visit his site at
...and to learn a little more about him, read this ARTICLE.

To enter to win, you have to be a LoveChugs follower through blogger, and write a sweet little comment stating how much you'd love either one of these one in a million shoes.

I'll be announcing the lucky winners in one week.

...and may the odds be ever in your favor!

Beauty on a BUDGET

Sunday, January 27, 2013

I've always been a budgeter. It's in my DNA-I, simply, cannot help it. 

But, after a particularly expensive month,
[moving costs AND brake and rotor replacements AND an electric and gas bill that resembles a rent check]
I have gone back to my beauty budgeting basics, and something amazing happened!

"What happened?" you ask?

I'll tell you what happened.

My face brightened up.
My hair became silkier.
My smile became whiter.
And my wallet fattened up.

These are tricks that are already out there and I have always known, but I have been keeping them to myself-it's time to let the cat out of the bag.

I've been in the beauty industry for so many years that I  have become a product junkie. 
Really,  I am a junkie. 
Let's just say my idea of fun is reading the ingredient list on the back of a new facial serum.

So, I am running low on product, and had a dilemma.
I could either bite the financial bullet, and make a product order, or go to the grocery story.

I chose the grocery story, and I'm so happy I did.


....drum roll....

1. Baking soda
2. Apple Cider Vinegar 
3. Coconut oil
4. Corn Starch

What do I use baking soda for?
1) I wash my face with it.
  • First, I wet my face,
  • then, I dab my finger in the baking soda and rub it around my hands until its watery-pasty,
  • scrub my face,
  • rinse off.
2) I whiten my teeth with it.
  • brush teeth as normal
  • sprinkle some baking soda on your toothbrush
  • pour a little peroxide on top
  • brush teeth
  • rinse with water
3) I wash my hair with it. 
     Right now you're like 'What?? Gross' but trust me on this one. I've been hesitant to share this beauty secret because of all the disgusting looks I get, but after seeing it make its rounds on PINTEREST, I feel secure enough to come out and let everyone know how amazing it actually is.
You can google it yourself....people do it all the time!
I  haven't used shampoo in almost a year since I switched over to Wen, which is a 'cleansing conditioner', and I wont ever use any sort of shampoo again. I've seen such an amazing difference in my hair. Detergents in shampoo strip away all your natural oils and dries out your hair. I'm super blonde and use bleach about every 6-8 weeks [bleach is just another word for damage], so I don't want to apply anything else to my hair that will dry it out more. Wen was the perfect solution, BUT, its kinda pricey so I started googling alternatives. That's when I stumbled upon "No POO shampooing" with baking soda. I had to give it a try.
  • First I mix one part baking soda into 6 parts water... I use a clear condiment bottle with a pointy tip I bought from the grocery store to mix and use it in.
  • Second, after I have already soaked my hair in water under the shower, I squirt the baking soda solution right onto my scalp.
  • Third, I massage in into my scalp and roots.
  • Lastly, I rinse like normal
There's an adjustment period you have to go through before your hair get used to this kind of washing, but if you can tough it out--its SO worth it!  I only have to wash my hair twice a week, and for how blond I am, I have thicker, longer,  and healthier hair--I know this is all because of not using shampoo.

4) I use it as an exfolient.
     Never buy Apricot Scrub again. Instead, do exactly as I stated in #1, except use more baking soda than water when making the paste. This mixture should be thicker and grainier than the wash, and when applying it use circular motions around the areas you want to exfoliate.

What do I use Apple Cider Vinegar for? * Make sure to buy the BRAGGS brand, it's best.
1) As a facial toner.
      ACV is nature's greatest PH balancer. I make sure to dilute it with some water, because it is so strong!
2) I use it as a spot treatment.
      If I have a zit or blemish coming on, I dab a little full strength ACV right onto the spot. Its anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory so it reduces swelling and redness. It also has a lot of natural acids in it, so it is exfoliating and correcting dark spots as well.
3) As a good morning wake up to my digestive tract.
     This may be off subject, but I take a shot of it in the mornings. ACV is SO good for your insides, too. It alkalizes your system and helps get rid of soar throats, sinus infections, and runny noses.
4) I use it as hair conditioner.
      Yep, it works! It detangles, locks in moisture, and makes your hair SO shiny. After I wash with the baking soda mixture, I use ACV just periodically to help condition my hair. Make sure to dilute it with water though... I use a small spray bottle and go about 50% ACV, 50% water.

What do I use coconut oil for? *buy 100% raw, virgin, organic coconut oil
      The better question would be what don't I use coconut oil for.
1) Eye makeup remover...makes your eyelashes grow longer and healthier, too.
2) Hair conditioning treatment
3) Body Lotion
4) Body Scrub...I mix it with sugar and essential oils
5) Eczema treatment
6) Face moisturizer
7) Chap stick
8) I use it on cuts, bruises and scrapes. (it helps with healing)
9) I put it in tea and drink it.
10) I cook with it
11) Baby lotion...My kids use nothing else.

What do I use corn starch for?
1) Dry shampoo.
      It's, hands down, THE best dry shampoo you could ever buy. Right now you're like, 'but I have dark will make my hair look gray." NO IT WON'T! Sprinkle a little cocoa powder in it...voila.

Switch over and you'll save boat loads of money, all while looking like a mega babe.

The Hebbs

Friday, January 25, 2013

My last, and final, inspirational blogging Lady Love is Tiffany Hebb.
I've known Tiff for 7 years...she is the sister of Cody Barker who is one of our dearest friends. 
I feel like its important to say that even if tragedy hadn't struck the Hebb family, that Tiffany would still be on this list. 
I met her when I was 18 and I remember we would look at pictures of her and her husband, Chris', wedding...She was wearing flowers in her hair and let real butterflies fly away. They would tell us stories of Chris skin diving into the ocean and making gourmet healthy meals out of what he would find down there. 

They travel everywhere-they've seen the World!
I was in awe of them from such a young age...Especially Tiff. 
She kind of helped me discover my 'granola' side and made it OK to let that flag fly free. 
She would talk about being a mother and how she was so excited to become one....and then we both became mothers! 
She is one of the best mothers I have ever known.

Her blog is much different than it was a year ago today.  She now has the unimaginable task of managing her grief and heartache from the loss of her 2 year old beautiful son, Ollie, from a horrible washing machine accident, and the birth of her sweet new baby girl, Poppy just two months after.
She is insanely strong. Her and Chris both are. I was in awe of them 7 years ago, and I remain in awe of them today.... Reading her words rips out my heart and makes me want to help her somehow. Nothing I do or say can help, but she is on a mission, and I can help spread her mission around.

Tiffany wants to make the dangers of washing machines more publicly known, and I agree with her 100%.  Washing machines dangers are vastly underrated and need to be more seriously brought to every one's attention.  Her blog is so honest and raw, I know it can help thousands of people who are struggling with the loss of a child, and those struggling with how to interact with families who are grieving.

I'm so happy and honored to introduce you guys to Tiffany, Chris, Ollie, and Poppy Hebb.

My name is Tiffany.
I am a wife to Christopher James and a mother to 2 children!
Ollie, who is in heaven helping us daily and Poppy, who is here bringing us unimaginable joy.

My life has forever changed.

I struggle daily.

I am real and raw with my crazy emotions.

Some days I appear to be fine from the outside and I may look like I am doing better, but I am hurting still. Other days I don't even brush my teeth or even get out of bed. Gross I know, but it's what it is. I am trying to work through my journey of grief. It is rough and so foreign to me. I try to stay positive-I have always been a positive woman, now its a little more difficult. Through wonderful family and friends I am able to stand and breathe today. Also by writing my very-so-ugly and some times depressing thoughts and some of my most sensitive and beautiful thoughts on a blog, and connecting with other inspiring people through the blogging world, I have been able to heal far more than I ever imagined. I have met so many other mommas who have lost a precious child.

My life has always been exciting and adventurous, from going to college in paradise-aka-Hawaii, to driving tours buses in the beautiful Alaska. I am trying to beat this grief and realize again how wonderful this earth is. It is a gift to be alive.  There is so much beauty in the small things. I want to live life to the fullest and enjoy my precious time before it runs out. I want to live the life I wish Ollie could have lived! I can and will do great things in his name!

I want other parents to hear about my story and the way Ollie tragically died, in hopes to  preventing this from ever happening again. Its just disgusting that it ever happened once and I will forever spend my life trying to save other children's lives. I am passionate about getting the awareness out there and I could use any help from anyone and everyone. My son died and I'm so heart broken about it, but I don't want it to be in vain. Please please help me spread the dangers of washing machines. 

Much love,
 from one mother to another
Tiffany Hebb


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Up next is the fabulous, Rylee Blake Greening
I met Rylee for a minute a looooong time ago when she was friends with my bother-in-law, and she is currently in the process of helping me out with a mini design re haul over here at LoveChugs.
I was re-introduced to her via another darling blogger, Michelle Cope.
Michelle popped up with an adorably designed blog one day, and gave all the credit to a girl named Rylee Blake. The name sounded familiar, so I hoped on over to her site, RBG.
I was happy to see that is was the same Rylee I had met way back when, although now she's married to the cutest 'brown man', as she likes to say, I've ever seen, with an awesome dog and blog to document it all.
[see what I did there? ha ha]
Rylee is a go-to blog for me because she puts everything she learns out there....she doesn't hoard her knowledge about design tips, or best yet, music play lists.  When I became a mom I feel like I gained so much, except for in the music department. That area started lacking....and fast. I didn't have the time, or freely available hands to search for new music like I used to, and Rylee does all this for me now. Without fail, every one of her 'mixtapes' becomes my new fave.
AND! [yes, there is actually more...] On top of all this, I think Rylee's best quality is her voice...I can actually hear it when she writes. I laugh at her funny sayings and feel like I'm her BFF without ever hanging out. 
I could go on and on, but I guess I'll be like LaVar Burton from Reading Rainbow and end with,
"...but you don't have to take my word for it." 
hey peeps! I’m rylee blake and that handsome brown man is my darling, Vaughan. when I first started my blog it was just to keep my mum updated while I was away at college. at least, that was my excuse. I’ve always been a writer and blogging is a way for me to document my ambiguous life. from being hit by car in Ecuador to falling in love with my Polynesian babe, not only is my blog a place to liberate but it’s also a place where I unexpectedly started my career! you see, I once saved all my money to have a professional graphic designer give my blog a face-lift. I paid home girl $400 bones (I’m cringing as I type this) and I ended up changing it after a couple months! It wasn’t worth the money and I decided that I would learn how to do blog design and the coding all on my own. so after loads of brutal Google searching and with some help of my techy world of warcraft experience I was finally able to figure it out and start designing myself! this past year I’ve had the opportunity to design for other bloggers and to share all my knowledge by posting free tutorials. so, if you have questions about design or are interested in my services feel free to come over and visit yet another newlywed blog.



Okay, so I'm SO excited to have have you guys meet Sasha....She's my long time friend doing ahhmazing things over at Moiology.
Sash inspires me in a multitude of ways...first and foremost, with her photography. She's an amazing photographer, and she was the reason for my number one resolution this year: put down my phone, pick up my camera. But, beyond her crazy skills behind the lens mixed with her divine gift of picking out A+ outfits, she is one of the most sincere and down to Earth individuals I know.  
She's the type of person that you can fully spill your heart and soul out to without any judgement at all,  and get on that deep next level with so easily. I like to think we're kindred souls...
Fun fact about Sasha? She moved to the USA from Japan when she was just 18 years old and she speaks better English than I do, no joke. No accent, or anything! This girl is non stop--when she puts her mind to something, it happens and that, my dears, is inspirational enough. I had to have her as one of my blogging lady loves,
So, here she is: 

Hey LoveChug readers! I'm Sasha. I blog over at Moiology. 
I'm thrilled to be part of Wes's blog today. 
I'm very fortunate to be able to call Wes one of my closest friends.
She is one of the few people that I can be completely true and raw with.
And it seems like our emotions, energy, and brain wave is always in sync. 
She's been there for me when I was going through some ugly phases in life.
And she always made me feel normal and loved. 
I wish everyone can get a little dose of Weslie in their lives! 
I can get really sappy when I talk about people that are so dear and close to my heart, so I will end here with my cheesy thoughts. 
But seriously guys... She is one of a kind. 

About 6 months ago, I started Moiology. I didn't start it thinking I would inspire people, or to make money. Truthfully, I started it because I applied for a position that required a blog that showcased my style and little bit about myself. It's only been about 6 months, but I've been able to meet so many wonderful people through this crazy blogging world personally and virtually. It's been an amazing experience. And I look forward to meeting (virtually or personally) some of you guys too!


Ascot Friday

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Meet Laura, the mastermind behind ASCOT FRIDAY.

I became aware of Laura after my sister-in-law, Kylie, showed me her Instagram [@ascotfriday] one day.

I saw two photos and was already head over heels in love with her--after more digging I was pleased to find her blog

Not only does she have impeccable style along with the cutest family EVER, but they are always going, and doing, and getting stuff done.


To me, she makes having a family the coolest thing anyone could ever do---and when we live in a time where 50% of people believe that getting married and starting a family is the last nail in coffin, it made me so happy to find Laura proving that theory wrong.

So, without further ado, I introduce Laura.

  I'm Laura, lover of arrows, the American flag, my two boys, my husband & vintage finds. I live in SoCal, work for Anthropologie & am always up for an adventure

After being inspired daily by many blogs, I decided to start a blog of my own, 4 years later I still enjoy sharing what I'm inspired by, the outfits I wear and daily bits of my life.

Three things...

Monday, January 21, 2013

1] Happy Martin Luther King Day!

...and happy first day of me messing around in Illustrator =)

2] Its been a week and some change since my Suja Juice Cleanse and I think its safe to say I've been bitten by the juice bug...
Drank the cool-aid...
Hoped on the bandwagon...

You get it. 

I love juice and need it everyday.

The biggest thing I've learned after doing the cleanse was to eat when I feel hungry, and chill out on the dairy and processed foods. They make me feel so sluggish and tired.

The only problem is that I can't crack open 6 Suja's every single day, so I have to start juicing the veggies and fruits myself.

[enter thumbs down emoji here]

But, luckily, my mom gave me the best birthday present ever a few years back, and I'm putting it to good use----
my handy dandy Breville.

Every morning I start the day with a concoction of produce
 [kale, spinach, beet, carrot, apple, ginger,  celery, and cucumber] 
that I juice into what I consider a pretty dang good tasty treat.

The kids disagree with me on that one....Bronson, too. 
So, I've devised a plan that seems to be working:

A. I juice all my veggies and drink the whole cup, minus the last 1/8th.
B. I fill up the rest of the cup with 100% organic apple juice. This masks the taste of the veggie juice, so the kids don't even know they're drinking it.
C. Each day I add a little less apple juice and a little more veggie juice. Their taste buds are getting used to the unusual flavors of the veggies a little more day by day, so they can handle more without spitting it out. They're up to almost 50% veggie juice after a week. Hooray!

and #3!
  I'm excited to kick off this week by introducing a few of my fellow "Blogging Lady Loves" to you! Each woman is so unique and inspiring to me in different ways--they're the type of blog that when I see they have posted, I have to go to their site that second. 

 You'll get to meet my first blogger lady crush sure to check back in!

Off the Hanger//MINI's+Mom

Saturday, January 19, 2013

....Adventure style...

The weather warmed up so we finally decided to brave our back yard today.

The girls went bonkers over it.

Zuri kept calling it her secret garden, and Remi kept trying to eat probably poisonous/massive mushrooms.

It was awesome.

 And, Brons is just so handsome and fun to look at, that of course I'm throwing him in here, too.

What am I wearing?
bag-DEAN [this might already be my 2nd Dean Accessory now...I just found out about them recently and have been obsessing a little too much lately. oops!]

What is Remi wearing?

What is Zuri Wearing?

I'm adding one more Resolution.

I had a rude awakening.

Tonight was the first night in our parenting lives we left our children with a paid a babysitter at our own house, and it went wonderfully well. 
[I feel like quite the grown up hiring my first babysitter]

Both kids adored their new friend and as I drove their new friend home, she went on and on about how nice, well behaved, and beautiful our girls were. I loved hearing it all-I wish I could be a fly on the wall watching the way my children interact with grown ups when I'm not around. 

But then she said, "Its so funny, every time I would tell Zuri's shes good at something, she'd change the subject!" I replied by saying, "Ya, She always does that!"

For example, she'll get called beautiful, or smart, and then be like, "uhhhh ya, so Wemi can crawl down our stairs now. Wanna see?"
 She'll completely veer off onto something else. I laugh and shrug it off, but when this young adult girl noticed it enough to say something-it got me thinking.

...And I was thinking that I do that, too.

I'm really self deprecating without trying to be. It's not like I can't take and appreciate a good compliment---because I do love a good hearted compliment as much as the next person... But I think its just my sense of humor to undervalue myself and/or my abilities. 

Maybe it makes me a little uncomfortable....? I don't know.

But my children have obviously picked up on it, and are doing it too.


Then, I remembered a pin I saw a long time ago by Kate Winslet.
I went to pinterest and realized I didn't even pin it, but its stuck out in my memory....
So, I found it:

I absolutely love it.

So, for the sake of my children, I am making a conscious decision to stop my self deprecating ways, not even about my body, but about everything I do....even though its so funny.

And the next time someone says, "ohhh dayyyum! You have skinny legs!"
I'm going to be like, "Ya! I love 'em! They work so good, too-watch me do this back flip.."

ha ha

New Years

Thursday, January 17, 2013

What? Who says you have to start on New Years day, anyways?

If you really need to know, I was busy.

NYE I woke up at 3am and drove 15 hours from UT to SF...Then unloaded my whole home out of a U-Haul, all while wrangling 2 little girls.

By 9pm, Brons and I were sound asleep. Really. We weren't just tucked in bed....

We. Were. Sleeping.

 I feel like I really missed out on the whole event this time around. It doesn't help that New Years Eve is my second favorite holiday, too. Im way bummed out about it!

So, all this added up together means my New Years Eve starts tonight, and you know I'm letting you all in on my resolutions...Here they are:

>>Put down my phone. Pick up my camera.

>>Become more technologically inclined.

>>Feed my family healthier foods.

>>Juice everyday.

>>Be less fearful of failing.

>>Make organization more of a top priority.

>>Continue to do the things that I know make me the best version of myself, even when schedules get cray.

This year will be different for us. Harder in a lot of ways, but much better in a lot of ways, too. Even though we missed the actual event, starting the first day of 2013 out in new house, in a new place has been so refreshing!  I'm more excited for what this year will bring than any other year Bronson, our girls, and I have had together in the past.

Cheers good to us!

By the way, these are the last crappy Iphone piccy's you'll ever see on here--this mama is about to get next levies in photoshop!


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I've been looking at Zuri with an entirely different set of eyes over the past few weeks.

I look at her, and all of a sudden I see this tall, lanky kid with a thinning face and attitude to boot.

She's not a baby anymore, even though she'll always be my baby.

So, when I'm yearning to hold her chubby little 2 year old self again, I turn to home movies and old Iphone pictures-- and before I know it, I'll be 2 hours deep and bawling into a bag of Doritos. 

In my quest for old videos of Zuri,  I re-found THIS by our dear friend Michael Paul. I've put it up on my blog before, but I love it so much I want you guys to see it again. 

So, I watched that....with my bag of Doritos....then started into all of Michael's new short films. 

He's doing these One Minute Documentaries that are ahhhhhmazing!

I don't know about you, but to me, nothing is better than getting a peak into an interesting individuals life. Plus, its done so beautifully that I couldn't not share! 

With that,  I want to introduce to you Michael's newest One Minute Doc on Meg.
You won't be disappointed

One Minute Doc: Super Meg

You can see more of Michael's work HERE.

5th Anniversary

Friday, January 11, 2013

Bronson and I have been married for 5 years today!

Happy Anniversary, honey!

I love my sweet husband--
And I loved the day we got married.
Even though I curse Pinterest for being 3 years too late for me to utilize it on that very important day.

My most favorite part of our wedding was when Bronson saw me for the first time.  I didn't tell him anything about my dress or hair-nothing. So, when we met to take photographs a few hours before everything began, he got so emotional...I remember not expecting this at all.
The way he looked at me that day made me know from the bottom of my heart that if nothing else ever worked out in our lives, that I would still be happy because he loved me.

I went into the depths of my computer archives for this one... but I wanted to share just a little bit of that moment with you guys. The moment I'm talking about is in the first 20 seconds of this video clip, and the rest is a whooooole lotta smooching, ha ha. 
 If the clip doesn't work for you, click the link below and you can view it more clearly.



Weslie Chugs Suja Day 3

Thursday, January 10, 2013

This is it-the last day.

Truthfully, I'm sad!

It's been so fun getting to know our whole juicing wolf pack.
 [Wolf pack? The pack consists of: me, Lauryn from Skinny Confidential, Annie INVENTOR of Suja, Samantha and Casey who are Suja affiliates, and Cody from People Water]

We've helped each other out a lot throughout the last 3 days and I've grown to adore these girls--and wolfpack dad. And all the people I didn't get to meet who joined us, too! I'm sad its over.

The third and final day was a cake walk.
No, pun intended.

My mind was wavering more than my body was today for sure..I know I get to eat in just another few hours, so I'll have thoughts like, 'just lick that macaroni and cheese ones here.....its doesn't matter....its just a lick....'

But, it does matter.
 It matters to me that I finish strong with something I start, and something I'm so passionate about now.

So, I never had a lick.

My energy has gone up at this point, if that's even possible. 
I'm sleeping like a baby.
I'm happy and I feel good.

I had a physical at the new gym I joined today, and as of 4:00 pm I have lost a solid 4.7 pounds and my intracellular and extracellular water numbers are off the charts amazing.
The proof is in the pudding, guys.

So, most of the questions I have received all revolve around what I am going to eat for tomorrow and the days that follow....

My plan in short:
I'm going to make healthy choices and not cut anything out--just add better stuff in.
More specifically:
Breakfast: mixed fruits with flax seed and omega mini biscuits from Costco.

Lunch: Madras Lentils...its lentils, red beans and spices in a creamy tomato sauce. THAT'S IT! Those are all the ingredients. This is SO good guys, plus it has no preservatives, gluten, MSG, or other additives at all at a whopping 300 calories per pouch.
Try them! These are also from Costco and look like this:

Dinner: lean meat with a big old side of veggies.

In between meals I'm letting myself eat salad til its coming out of my ears, and I want to consume at least two 100% juiced greens glasses a day. 

Suja or DIY, it's happening no matter what....I have to juice!

Now, I'm going to go enjoy my final Vanilla Cloud  in my comfy, cozy bed...

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