M y  L o v e  C h u g s

While my family was visiting we got locked out of our house for 5 allergy filled hours one day. My brother is an amazing cinematographer, and luckily, he had his camera with him when we got locked out. We spent the day in the park playing with kids and he put this together.

Looking back, I'm happy no one had the keys.

Family time

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

My mom and little sister arrived on Valentines Day last week and got to spend Bronson's birthday with us and check out our new space.

It was so nice to have them stay with us! My mom snuggled the girls every morning and night and brought them birdhouses and little ceramic kitties to paint. I wish they could stay forever.

Something about becoming a parent makes you love your parents 10 fold I feel like. Its almost like you need them more than you ever did as a child.... and all of a sudden you realize how much they have done for you throughout your whole life.

And no matter what, whenever my mom is around I immediately turn back into her little kid. I want her to be in charge and all of a sudden I don't feel like doing chores or being productive. I revert back to being a 14 year old.... Swear.

Does this ever go away?

It's OK if it doesn't.

So, we had to drop them off this morning at the airport and it just feels a little sad and empty in our house today.

But,luckily for us, we get a brand new shipment of happiness coming in tonight.

My mom/dad-in-law and brothers are arriving tonight and staying for another week!

We can't wait... And I think I've discovered that the best part of moving away is all the visitors we get to have now.

And if you want to keep up with what we've been up to, check out my vine. You can find me by my name, Weslie Christensen---this might be the greatest app that has ever been invented...just sayin!

Cure the KIDS with Hello Apparel!

Monday, February 18, 2013

I've been on vacation with my lovely mom and sister this past week, but I'm taking a quick hiatus to let you guys know about P.S. I Adore You and Hello Apparel teaming starting tomorrow, February 18th, until February 22nd....

I'm sure by now most of you have all seen Hello Apparel's darling clothes everywhere....Well, Hello has designed a children's tee just for childhood cancer and will be selling it at a discounted price at PS, I Adore You's site: www.psiadoreyou.com. 

 P.S. I Adore You will be donating 100% of the commission from the shirts and Hello Apparel is donating $1 per shirt for a total of $6 for every shirt to SLC CureSearch  for childhood cancer research. 

Awesome Clothes for a good cause?
Why not!?!?!?! 

A little back story on P.S. I Adore You....

In the summer of 2010 Chelsea (one of the founders of P.S. I Adore You) found out that her 4-year-old daughter, Cami had leukemia.  It was pure devastation to say the least. The Doctor’s told Chelsea that Cami had a very good chance of surviving, but they would have to fight the battle of their lives and it would need to start NOW!  

Cami's battle lasted about 3 years. She had many ups and downs along the way, but we are happy to report that Cami is off treatment and officially CANCER FREE!  

That is when P.S. I Adore You was born. Throughout their battle, Chelsea met many other cancer moms’ and their precious kids who often times didn't have a happy ending.  These are the families P.S. I Adore You strives to help.  

When Hello Apparel found out about PS, I Adore You's cause they didn't just want to be featured on the site, they wanted to take a stand with them…(how awesome are they?). 
Hello Apparel had come up with the cutest design and they even incorporated GOLD, which signifies childhood cancer.

 Funds raised will be given to the in honor of Cami and all her little cancer buddies. 

If you want to help spread this word you can #hellocure on any of your social media outlets and blog your little hearts out about it! 

[feel free to grab the above photo and/or any information I've given]

here it goes.... more mind vomit.

Monday, February 11, 2013

I just realized something....

I've been avoiding myself lately, and I miss me.

We've lived in SF for just 5 weeks now and its so strange. It feel like we've been here for forever and then just for 2 days all in the same moment. It's like I can't get a grip on time lately...

From the minute we unloaded our U-haul into our new house we have hit the ground running and haven't stopped since.

Zuri started school right away, Husband is swamped with new work, we joined this amazing fitness club that the kids, Brons, and I all love, and we have made such great friends right off the bat.

Our house almost immediately turned into our home

It's not supposed to be this easy---I know from experience. I've moved countless times, I went to 10 different schools growing up and I feel like I know the ins and outs of moving emotions. So far, none of the sad emotions have happened yet.

I'm so grateful for all of this because its been a great distraction. I've missed all the grandparents being in ours and our kids everyday lives, but I haven't missed Utah hardly at all yet....And then I realized that I'm on pins and needles waiting for this horrible aching and longing to be back in Utah to happen. 

I purposely have been so busy with every ones schedule everyday that I haven't given myself the time I need to process that my whole life is different---and that I like it better---and that liking it better is OK. 

Its kind of like I feel guilty to for being happy...? Like I almost want to minimize my happiness because something like this is supposed to be a little difficult.

I don't know what any of this means--and maybe it doesn't really mean anything at all. Addressing it, for me at least, just helps me move on and not avoid this part of myself anymore. I can finally stop anticipating the sadness that I keep thinking is going to come any day, and just move on. 

I'm ready to finally plant some roots.

Ahhhhh its like I can breathe deeper---I always feel better after I throw up whats bouncing around in my head. And you, my lovelies, would be the toilet in this analogy...receiving all my word vomit.

Thanks for catching it. 

Hi, Hello..

Bronson went to NY fashion week with his design studio, RAPT this past week, and while he was away I buried my nose in a good book [someone remind me to talk about my new book club later!] and put actual clothes on maybe twice. 

It was pretty nice to take a little break from the outside world.

But, I missed that handsome husb of mine... and it doesn't really get any easier with time.
He works so hard and put 100% into anything and everything he does. After getting home at 12 last night he had to be up and out the door at 8. 

I just want to steal him away and take him somewhere where there isn't any Internet or laptops or work aloud. 

Maybe Thailand......???
its semi in the works. 
eeeek! We'll have to wait and see, though. 

But, I really do appreciate all the hard he work he puts in, and I also love that I get to meet all these amazing and talented people he gets to work alongside with. 

For example:

Have you ever heard of El Mac?
I hadn't until I went to the Adobe building that Rapt did, and saw El Mac's incredible mural...We went to dinner with him later that night and as I asked more questions, I found out how amazing this man actually is. 

He did the artwork for No Doubts newest CD cover,
 [No Doubt was my first CD ever! I have a place in my heart for them that will last until I'm all old and whithered]
 and he's been on multiple covers of Juxtapoz magazine, and his mural street art can be found all over the world. 

He's pretty unreal. 

So, Rapt just came out with their El Mac short that shows the process of how he does what he does, and of course I find it so interesting that I just have to share it with you.

Rapt Studio x El Mac
from Rapt Studio on Vimeo.

A lil V-Day sumptin sumptin...

Thursday, February 7, 2013

 My overly talented and beautiful sister-in-law, Kylie, has started a DIY instagram with her sisters that is so creative and cute...you can follow them @warpaintweekend on Insty.
Since I am  craft challenged, as I like to say, I have asked them to showcase a little of their craftiness for this Valentines Day 
Hi, we are Warpaint Weekend.  
Three sisters who grew up in a family who crafted for a living. Our parents, mostly our mother, crafted since we were little.   I guess it's not a surprise that we all have the crafting gene as well.   One of our favorite memories was that our dolls had clothes to match ours when we were little. Our Mama is a sewing genius!

  Warpaint weekend is a place where we can express our passion and share with you guys fun, inexpensive and functional ways to recreate something you love!  Each of us bring our own style to the group.  
Jen, the oldest, has a fun, eclectic, chic-ness to her style, and comes up with awesome kid crafts and party decor! Maddie, the youngest, has a passion for the old fashion. She brings in a unique, 60's, wild and gutsy style to the plate! And Kylie, the middle sister, expresses herself through her passion for good food, fashion and fun!  
 Here is a few ideas for your valentines Day breakfast. 
Surprise your lover, a friend, or your family! Even let the kids help! 

 Heart and arrow pancakes- pancake mix of your choice, blend in blender to make sure there are no clumps. Use a condiment bottle and squirt batter onto the pan making shapes. 
Pink syrup- 1  1/2 cups sugar, 3/4 cup water, 1 tbsp butter, dash of salt, 1 drop of red food coloring and a half tsp of your choice of flavoring. (We recommend almond or lemon so it stays clear for food coloring.) Boil on stove till sugar is dissolved and serve warm.


Strawberry heart and arrow- whole strawberry, pull off stem, cut V in the top of strawberry, slide toothpick through, put a chocolate chip on one end and mini marshmallow on the other.
 Heart omelette- 2 eggs, choice of meat and veggies, mix in bowl and pour into a metal cookie cutter or a heart pancake mold. Flip to cook other side and top with cheese. Purple milk- 1/2 cup of milk, 1 drop of blue and 2 drops of red food coloring.


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My dilemma is this:

For every 10 emails I get asking to do more giveaways/what we're wearing posts, I get an equal 10 emails asking me to go back to the 'old me.'

I always find this funny.

1)because the 'old me' is still just plain, old, regular me. Nothin's changed, folks. Have I acquired a larger audience? Kind of, but does that make me any different? Nope.

I have, however, scaled back on the super personal items on here like where we live, our day to day schedule, where I go grocery shopping, the name of my kids teachers, etc.... because growth also comes with some crazies...Do I really want every person reading my blog to know everything about me and my family? 
You probably wouldn't, either.

2) I never have, and never will define my blog as a fashion blog, mommy blog, or any other type of blog.  I don't even call myself a 'blogger'. 

If the shoe doesn't fit, don't wear it.

My blog doesn't fit into any one category because, simply put, I don't fit into any one category.

This space is about me. All of me. As a mother, wife, daughter, friend, esthetician, undercover granola, and as someone who just really loves people.  

This is a place where I talk about anything and everything I want to. 
Also, I feel like I need to say that if I do talk about a product that a company, or person, is paying me to talk about it....I will clearly state that that post is a sponsored post. 
So far, I have never been paid by a company, or person, to talk about anything on LoveChugs...Everything you've read or seen on here is something I wanted to talk about and invited you in on. 

3) If this sounds harsh---it's not meant to be. Its just that I care about everyone who reads this silly thing I've created. Especially the ones who take the time out of their day to write me an email.  Nothing besides my kids, and good make out sesh with my babe of a husband makes happier than an Email from someone who has been inspired by what I've decided to share. 

 I want to make everyone happy-but if I've learned anything in my 20-something years on Earth, its that I know making everyone happy is impossible, and the more I try to-the more unauthentic I would become. I pride myself on staying true to myself. I've fought to do this, and there's no way I'm going to sell out now. 

I guess this post is to reassure the true blue fans out there [yes, all 22 of you =)] that I hear you. I care about you. I really do. And at the end of the day, the whole reason I keep sharing my crazy life on here is because I feel driven to.  Its something I can't really ever explain.

So, there will be days when I think my outfit is awesome and my hair looks bomb, so I will want to share that with you---then there will be days where I feel inadequate, overwhelmed and uninspired, and I'll most likely want to share those with you, too.
 I'm just asking you to have faith in me....That even if you're not into something I feel like I want to put out there, that that doesn't mean someone else somewhere around the world doesn't want or need to find that exact post. 


And oh ya, 
Remember that make out sesh I talked about earlier?
I only bring it up because just the other day Bronson and I had a full fledged 16 year old makeout fest where I actually got a rug burn on my face from his beard...I looked real sexy

I'm calling it 'beard-burn' and highly recommend getting one.
So damn fun.

Giveaway winners announced!

EEEEEK! I had so much fun reading all of these amazing comments.
 The luck ladies are:

#1) I appreciate a poem for any/every little thing in life. Thanks, Jokhan.

#2) Because Natalie, obviously, enjoys a good 'Bad Lip Reading.'

                                    and #3) Miss Jennifer, who appreciates the design and work ethic of Mr. Clark.

                                            CONGRATS GIRLS! Please email me at 
to collect your Oliver Clarks!


Monday, February 4, 2013

Today I had a realization.
I realized that the girls hair takes up a good 25% of my day.

After brushing all of Zuri's booty length mane (not a small, or easy task), and putting it up into a pony tail that she told me was "too TIGHT!" then taking it down, only to have "it's bugging me! its in my eyes! I cant breathe!", to then compromising and agreeing to pull it out of her face in a "not-too-tight Topsy tail" in the front, that it had been a solid 45 minutes.

So, I move onto Remi, whom you might think would be easier in the hair department-wrong!
She pointing to Zu's hair wanting hers like that, and there's no easy or nice way to let your little baby girl know that she's barely got enough hair for an old man comb over...So, we do our go-to water fountain pony on top, then she sees a headband. She puts it on and is ripping at her just done water fountain. I can tell I'm losing this battle and finally take her hair out, and let her put the headband on. 

Then she wants a butterfly clippy, a bobby pin, and my mascara....all in her hair-all at once.

And as I'm typing this Zuri has just yelled from the bathroom to 
"Move my hair! Its getting in the potty!!!!" 

Remi's pulling Zuri's hair...
Zuri's pulling Remi's hair...
don't brush my hair...
brush my hair...
do my hair this way, not that way...
there's yogurt in my hair...

Hair, hair, hair.

Its no wonder I never do mine.


Saturday, February 2, 2013

 Today we went hiking in what felt like Jurassic Park...I was just waiting to see a long neck.
It was so beautiful! 

[Thank goodness I keep falling more and more in love with SF.]

So our new friends, Jess and Gabe, invited us along to go with them and their two darling kids, Malina and Teo-- and I think we have to make our hiking adventures a monthly tradition at least. 

It felt so good to get out into nature and away from everything and everyone else. We walked 3 miles up and down these gorgeous rolling hills, all during the kids nap times, mind you--and no one even fussed or cried. They LOVED it. We loved it, too.

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