Babe, it's me Bronson.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Wes babe,

Hi. Its 4am I have your arm sprawled over my chest (which I moved off very strategically so you wouldn’t wake up, and that I could grab my laptop). I have your pregnancy pillow ramming into my ribs and both your legs on top of mine, so you know just a typical night. Anyway, I want to apologize now, for hacking into your blog and writing this post. I don’t know why I had a feeling to write it, and when you wake up if its erased I get it. Ha.

 You know that I don’t looove to share a lot of personal experiences via social media but I want to tell you how much I love you, and who ever comes across this post I want them to know what an incredible person, wife, and mother you are and I hope that one day they get the opportunity to meet you…

Im not a good writer, but im going to try my best.

I want to rewind to 2006 when we first met. I remember seeing you for the first time and thinking to myself, no way, no way this girl is real life. I took a double take and you really were, my eyes weren’t playing tricks on me; my very next thought was, this girl is so gorgeous­­–but she’s probably super lame and boring and completely out of my league. That night we were with all our friends and I was just watching you, you were so funny, you had the most amazing smile and energy I couldn’t even handle it, I actually think I left and drove home cause I felt like that creep in the corner just watching your every move.

Weeks later we were with the same crew everyone was in one room and you were no where to be found. I guess I got in “creep mode” again and started looking for you. I finally turned the corner at the end of the hallway and there you were, looking in the mirror tying to fix the bobby pins that fell out of your hair. I remember walking right up to you not saying a word grabbed your face gave you kiss and then walked out. I don’t know what went through your head at that time but I didn’t know those 3 AAAAAMAZING seconds would change my life forever.

Fast forward a few months, we starting dating “kind of”, I remember people asking us if we were “boyfriend–girlfriend” we were nervous to actually claim it, so I remember I would just say “she’s my babe” and we would look at each other and smile.

We were weeks away from graduating high school, and we started talking about which colleges to go to. I remember a few weeks later you got a letter in the mail saying Weslie we are giving you a full ride scholarship to Southern Utah University, I remember when you told me I was so happy for you/wanting to throw up. I was thinking this girl that I love more than anything in this world, but have never told her I love her, is leaving in two days with her mom to go check out the college dorm rooms, classes etc. I remember trying to play it cool and saying, “ya, go check it out, go have fun and i’ll see you in a few days”.
You were probably not even an hour into the drive and I remember texting you saying “Wes please don’t go to that college, I wouldn’t know what I would do if you left me and were 5 hours away, I want to let you know I have never had feelings like this with anyone in my entire life and that, I LOVE YOU.”
Ahhh, I’m such a kook, the first time im telling you THE 3 big words its through a text message. Anyway, there I am staring at my phone wondering what your response is going to be. I finally get a text back 12 hours later saying, don’t worry I’m not going here. I was so happy you have no idea.

We later finally got college situated you got accepted with a scholarship to the University of Utah, I didn’t have any plans but to follow wherever you were, so I registered for 3 classes at Salt Lake Community College: Yoga, Math and some random design class. We finally finished out school and moved back down ­­to live with our parents because you decided you wanted to be an esthetician.

You finally finished up school and I was starting to work. I remember around that  time we pulled into my parents house. I turned off the car, you looked at me and said “Bronson, I think I might be pregnant” I started having a million things running through my head like: There’s no way, I have like $400 to my name, we are 19 years old, how can we afford to have a baby, what are we going to do, we’re still babies, babies cant have babies and the list goes on. I turn the car back on drive down to the grocery store. I bought 3 of the most expensive pregnancy tests (thinking these have to be the most accurate since their so damn expensive) so now my bank account is probably pushing a strong $340 now. We drive back to my parents run down stairs into the bathroom, and said pee in this cup, so we have enough pee for all these tests. Right when you finished, we can hear my mom upstairs yelling down at us saying, “Wes, come cut some of these pomegranates with me” so you just run up the stairs like we weren’t about to find out one of the biggest life changers ever. So now its me, a grip load of pregnancy tests and a cup of your pee. I immediately rip open the test stick it in the pee for 5 seconds and then put the cap back on and set it flat on the counter. I start reading the instructions, it said something like; after 5 minutes if there is a + sign showing then its positive, so I Look down, its probably been only 20 seconds since I just laid it down with a bright purple + sign. Open up another one same thing, open another one same, I run upstairs to ask you where the keys to the car were because I left the last box of tests in there, I ran outside and went back down into the bathroom, you walked in and said let me try, you put the test in laid it down and BOOM same thing. YOU’RE PREGNANT! Im broke, well we were both broke, 19 years old, living at our parents houses. Haha. I remember we walked outside and went on a drive to talk about what the plan was, I remember feeling so calm and I looked right into your huge eskimo eyes and said, I love you, this is going to be really hard, and it will probably be amazing. I knew I wanted to marry you, this is just going to make it happen a little sooner than we thought, we got this. We both laughed a little drove back to my parents told them, then we told her parents, I purposed to you a few weeks later and then we got married 3 months later, which was one of the most beautiful experiences from me seeing you for the first time walking down those stairs in your dress, you looked incredible, I’ll never forget that. We have gone through some of the toughest, and most amazing experiences together. I want you to know I am still standing on my feet because of you.  Thank you for loving me, thank you for being the strongest women in this entire world, thank you for having the best attitude regardless of the situation, thank you for supporting me in my career, thank you for inspiring me to be a better person, husband, and father, thank you for caring for our children you have raised and taught them to be so selfless and loving, thank you for being by my side every second of every day, thanks for always having my back, thanks for being so damn funny that I laugh until tears are streaming down my face, thank you for being such an amazing example to other people, I love you more than I can even put into words.

Here we are 8 years later, with a tiny little family and a third little love chug on the way.
Happy Mothers Day, I love you.


  1. So precious!!!!!! It's so obvious how devoted you are to each other and your precious girls! What a lucky baby boy you have coming your way. Happy Mother's Day Wes!

  2. yup…. I'm crying <3 Happy Mother's Day!

  3. You have set the bar for men everywhere!

  4. Happy belated Mother's Day Weslie!

    1. Oops, looks like it is still Sunday USA time. So happy Mother's Day haha!

  5. So beautiful! What a great guy!

  6. SOO cute!! This was the sweetest thing ever!!

  7. So very beautiful! I read every word and my heart is full of all of the love that you two share. Happy Mothers Day!

  8. I am going to bawl my eyes out! Bronson is so damn cute!! I love you two together. Hope your Mother's Day was amazing, mama.

  9. LOL "so you just run up the stairs like we weren’t about to find out one of the biggest life changers ever" You guys are the cutest.

  10. As if I didn't already think y'all were the most attractive family this! HEART EXPLOSION.

  11. thank you guys!!! what a surprise! i wasnt expecting this at all....hes pretty great


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