Monday, July 21, 2014


During times of extreme change I become quiet.  Private, maybe, is a better description. Either way, I have been going through one of those periods for a few months and I feel ready to talk about it now. 

For the longest time I have known we needed to be somewhere else....Doing something else. I've felt pulled in an unknown direction for months and have been pretty confused as to why, to be quite honest. 

On one hand, I felt greedy. I felt greedy because I am fully aware and appreciative of the awesome life we live.  So why was I having these underlying feelings that it wasn't enough...that there is something more...something else out there for me and my family? 

And on the other hand, I know these types of thoughts are not random. They are your gut. Your intuition...a divine power stepping in and urging you to make a move--and if I've learned anything over the last few years it's that you listen to your gut. 

....even when your gut is telling you, 'NOW! Flip your life upside down, and do it right now.' 
--and you're like, "Ummmm, you sure about this, gut?? This is so risky. Plus, 
this is the worst timing ever... Remember you're having a baby in like just a minute? And the kids each start school next month?? What about our insurance? ...this is just a really crazy time for us, gut. Can all this life altering moving and job change stuff happen after, pleaseeee?" 

Gut's response: No. Now. Do it all now. 

So we are. 

We flew home from a wonderful vacation with my family in McCall, Idaho last night, sans children, to pack up our whole house up in just 7 short days.  

From there, we've decided to move to our favorite little town in San Diego as soon as all the dust settles and we find a house...and, of course, deliver this baby boy of mine. 

It all sounds so fast doesn't it? It's because it is. But when I truly look back, I can seen a chain of events all leading up to this exact moment starting almost a year ago. Everything from chance encounters with random Instagram friends, to getting invited to go on a trip to Thailand with total strangers and saying yes without any hesitation at all....it's all meant to be. I feel it and see it  so clearly now. 

Life is pretty cool when you sit back and don't resist it, isn't it? 


  1. Sometimes you just have to do something when it feels right. I totally understand and you are never going to regret it! I wish you and your family the best :)

  2. So weird, I was just thinking this morning how I hadn't seen you post in a while. I've done the moving to a new city/country on a moment's notice a few times, and it is so good for my soul. Wishing you tons of luck with your move! Adventures are awesome.

  3. you guys are brave but i definitely agree you need to follow your gut, & san diego will be so great. it all works out in the end anyways! i'm excited to hear about the new adventure

  4. I completely understand this post, I feel like Im in that waiting period right now where you know something big is going to happen but dont know when or what. I had a little breakdown about it the other day so this post is so timely as a reminder that something always works out. So excited for you all

  5. McCall is so gorgeous. I go with my husband and in-laws every June and we stay at Shore Lodge :) Good for on letting life take you where you're meant to be!

  6. Hi Weslie! I just wanted to say that I have been spending my traintrip to work reading your blog and looking at the pictures of you and your beautiful family. The thing point I want to come to in writing this is that you and your family made a perfect beginning of my day, you seem so happy and loving. I've been having a little rough time lately and in some way it feels like you guyes gave me some kind of hope and some new strength for my future. Maybe seems a little bit wierd, but yeah, you kind of inspired me in some way today. So thank you! Lots of hugs to you all! / Elin ( www.elinjustdance.blogg.se )

  7. Weslie, you are just the most amazing and inspirational woman I know! Thank you for being you!!

  8. how are the two of you able to put on a rise festival? is there a company backing you?


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