HI! I'm Weslie.
I'm a lot of different things, but mostly I am a wife to Bronson, a mom to Zuri [4] and Remi [19 months], and Master Esthetician.

Bronson and I met our senior year of high school and became completely infatuated with one another. We knew something was special...and we also knew no one else knew how special it was.

 Fast forward 7 years and here we are with two beautiful baby girls and a lot of big dreams to fulfill.

This blog is for me.

This blog is for my kids.

This blog is for you, too.

It's a place for me to ramble about the day to days of motherhood, children, being a wife, being young and old all at once, funny stories, not-so-funny stories, and lessons I've learned along the way.

Enjoy my life as I see it.


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